Breaking News: Texas UIL State Track And Field Info

It's been long speculated that the UIL state track and field meet would be very different this year. There have been many rumors speculated over the last three weeks at least. The decision has been made and is now public information per the UIL website.

Contrary to popular belief, the meet will still be held in Austin, Texas at the University of Texas' Mike A. Myers Stadium; the dates have been set for May 6 - 8, 2021. 

This info follows last week's announcement that the numbers of qualifiers from the area meets were moved back to four instead of two as previously stated at the beginning of the 2021 track and field season. That could mean the regional meets will return to the previous two day formats with prelims and finals.

For more information, see the UIL website.

2021 Track & Field State Meet Schedule

Thursday, May 6th 

3A & 4A3200m ONLY9:00am
3A & 4AField Events9:00am
3A & 4A Running Events5:00pm

Friday, May 7th

2A & 5A3200m ONLY9:00am
2A, 5A & WCField Events9:00am
2A, 5A & WCRunning Events5:00pm

Saturday, May 8th 

1A & 6A3200m ONLY9:00am
1A & 6AField Events9:00am
1A & 6ARunning Events5:00pm

* All dates, times, and materials are subject to change.