Former Texas HS Track Runner Helps Police Catch Suspect

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Everybody in track and field loves a good and exciting race. The exhibition of one's superior speed over that of their competitors is exactly what a race is about.

That's exactly what commuters, onlookers, and the police got this week when a Houston area good samaritan aided the police in catching a fleeing suspect.

The good samaritan identified as Devin has two qualities that ended up being bad news for the suspect's escape plan. He is currently a trained security guard and he is a former high school track athlete. According to Houston news outlet, Devin, who is 26 years old ran track at Spring Westfield High School.

Devin was on his way home from work when he noticed law enforcement in pursuit of a suspect driving a stolen vehicle. Law enforcement were having difficulty in the chase, but Devin who called on his track days did not. 

"I got out the car and started running," Devin told reporters. He ran so fast making up approximately a 30 yard deficit and losing his own shoes in the process.

Devin was still able to catch the suspect from behind. Despite spoiling the suspect's getaway, Devin parted with some advice, saying, "learn from your first mistake. Whenever you get out, try to be on your best behavior and not get into any more trouble."