End Of 2018 Season Boys 100m/200m Combo Rankings

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Keishawn Everly (5A 100m champ) and Kalon Barnes (4A 100m champ) are top rated sprint combo boys

Speed is KING in sports and Texas high school sports has no shortage of it. Track and field is the premiere sport to showcase speed and the 2018 season was full of it on all ends of the state.

Check out the chart below and see who our database says were the top sprinters with the fastest 100m/200m combination times.

Kalon Barnes10.0420.5530.59
Keishawn Everly10.2320.7130.94
Edward Sumler10.4620.6831.14
Jacolby Shelton10.3421.0431.38
Evan Nafe10.4221.0231.44
Dylan Swain10.3921.0931.48
Rashad Boyd10.5520.9331.48
Cameron Anthony Miller10.572131.57
Gregory Sholars10.5721.0531.62
Caleb Boger10.4221.2531.67
Amir Paris10.5821.1731.75
Jais Smith10.2321.5431.77
Lateef Birks10.4521.3431.79
Kesean Carter10.2221.5931.81
Jonathan Shepherd10.5921.3331.92
Keron Cumby10.3821.5731.95
Ryan O'keefe10.4521.5131.96
Ryan Martin10.4121.6132.02
Asante Fazarro10.4221.6232.04
Dominick Yancy10.4821.5732.05
Jadon Maddux10.5221.5732.09
Zavier Johnson10.5821.5132.09
Caleb Mcmiller10.4121.7132.12
Isaiah Teer10.5921.5432.13
Ismael Kone10.4621.7132.17
Jaylen Henderson10.6321.5532.18
Anthony Aldridge10.6121.5732.18
Nicholas Watts10.6421.5532.19
Jason Bean10.3621.8532.21
Jalon Williams10.5221.6932.21
Dennis Phillips10.6521.6132.26
Mason Melancon10.5621.7732.33
Davion Bynuam10.6421.6932.33
Jaleel Scott10.6321.7332.36
Genson Hooper Price10.5921.832.39
Nazzio John10.6221.8332.45
Logan Masters10.5321.9332.46
Collin Fullen10.5721.9232.49
Kendal Taylor10.4622.0832.54
Gregory Leday10.5422.0632.6
Tobias Harris10.4422.2432.68
Ty Jordan10.6422.0632.7
Davonye Jones10.4822.2332.71
Jose Trevino10.5522.1632.71
Marquez Beason10.4622.2632.72
Davion Bynaum10.6322.0932.72
Dekedrick Washington10.5622.2632.82
Chris Williams10.4722.3632.83
Daydrian Wells10.6522.232.85
Bryson Stubblefield10.5522.3432.89
Tyler Owens10.3422.5832.92
Hornsby Delane10.5222.4132.93
Lance Broome10.5822.3632.94
Logan Wheeler10.6522.3432.99
Josh Oglesby10.3822.6333.01
Jaques Frazier10.4422.5933.03
Jalen Drayden10.5222.733.22
Precious Iwaugu10.5122.7533.26
Gunnar Henderson10.6222.6433.26
Andre Dibbles10.5722.7433.31
Craig Williams10.6422.933.54
Brandon White10.4523.1133.56
Rodrick Thomas10.62333.6
Ife Adeyi10.6523.1733.82
Christian Calton10.6423.2133.85
Kasim Gonzales10.6423.333.94
Cedric Hayes10.6223.5634.18
D'andre Campbell10.6123.8434.45
Isaac Bourg10.6423.8534.49
Seth Texada10.6323.9534.58
Devin Walker10.6523.9534.6