Team Analytics: 5A-6A Team Mid Race Position Changes

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2018 UIL 5A girls state meet

As showed yesterday, there was a race within the race at the UIL state meet. The course at Old Settlers Park is impossible to cover and see the race at the mile markers and get back to the finish to see the end.

Today, we know who won the state meet, but do you know how it happened? Check out the numbers below and see how the team scores looked at the mile markers. See who was in the lead and see who moved up and down as the race continued. Find out how the results came to fruition as we get more info from coach Burke Binning.


The Cedar Park girls have been one of the top 5A girls teams all year long -- perhaps the best. Saturday, they took off that way at the start. At the mile marker, they were clearly in control of the race. However, as they race went on, they would fall from first place to second place and eventually third place. At the mile, they had 55 points with their position. Perhaps, they ran too hard into the hardest part of the wind with the effects taking it's toll. Eventual winner Frisco Wakeland started off well too, but a little more conservative then CP. Wakeland gradually made their way to the first place position and motored home to the win.

Runner-up finishers Boerne Champion were further back in the first mile. Coming across in 5th place they gradually moved up one spot at the 2 mile mark and then had a big move in the last mile joined with other teams taking steps back in position.

5A Girls

2018 UIL 6A girls state meet

The 6A girls race was almost 5-6 hours before the 5A race and the weather conditions were a little different. The wind gusts were not as strong in the morning as it was when the 5A races happened. 

Coppell started off fast and strong as did Prosper. At the mile mark, both squads were in winning position and were only separated by two points at the mile and seven at the two mile. 

As the spreadsheet shows, there wasn't much variation throughout the race. The most a team moved was Houston Stratford moving up two spots at the two mile. Every other team either stayed the same or moved up or down by one position throughout the race. 

6A Girls

2018 UIL 5A boys state meet
As with the 5A girls, the boys race was into a strong head wind, which had to have an effect on the athletes. 
El Paso Eastwood started out in the front of the race all season long and this weekend was no different. At the mile, they were sitting in the first place position with 71 points. As the race proceeded, Eastwood improved their position and padded their lead more and more. At mile two, they had 68 points and in the end, their tally was only 62 points.

Lucas Lovejoy and Austin LBJ race was very similar to Eastwood as they were in the second position both at the mile and two mile marks only to switch positions in the last mile. 

5A Boys

2018 UIL 6A boys state meet

The 6A boys had nearly perfect conditions and the times reflect it.

Southlake Carroll started off the season as an underdog. That is the first and probably last time in a while for that. With that said, they have been one of the most consistent all season long and the state meet was a reflection of their season.

They started off in the first position at the first mile and stayed that way until almost the very end of the race when The Woodlands moved into the top spot for the win.

The Woodlands, who started out much like SLC, took a different route to their fourth straight title. Things took them a little longer to get a hold on their path and that is how their race played out. The Woodlands started out in 5th place going through the mile. The second mile is where they made a huge move as they jumped up four spots into the second position. In the last mile, they had one more move to make and they did.

Wylie, had perhaps the worst start of the season for them and it proved to be too much to make up. The came through the mile in next to last as they had 347 points then they made a huge move by making up eight spots in the second mile. After running themselves from 15th place to 7th in mile two, they made a final big effort in the last mile to fourth place, but not enough to take the third and last podium spot from Flower Mound.

6A Boys