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The finish in the Boys Sweepstakes race at this year's Desert Twilight Festival comes...
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In Texas, everything is faster.
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Find out which grade level ruled the 2018 UIL state meet.
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SLC Invitational meet preview and info guide.
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The first team for boys Preseason All-State 1st Team released!
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Who are the top returning boys in the various parts of the state? 
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The TDF still cranked out more elite times and thousands of PRs once again.
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El Paso remains a topic of discussion as they entertain the state of Texas.
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See how Texas kids ran fast 800m races this weekend.
Mar 04, 2018
Not Austin, Dallas, or Houston....the fastest 800 runners right now are in El Paso! 
Feb 28, 2018
Here is a little tid bit about the week two POW poll winners.
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San Antonio/Austin vs. Dallas Metro vs. Houston vs. El Paso vs. South Texas vs. North...
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What happened this weekend that opened eyes?
Jan 22, 2018
Only one indoor meet this weekend in the state, so Tech races get all of the LOVE!
Nov 05, 2017
Graydon Morris Wins the Region I rematch as he and Michael Abeyta lead a fast 5A boys...
Nov 05, 2017
With all of the times merged from the state meet, see who won the weekend.
Nov 02, 2017
Read up on the El Paso teams and runners who qualified to state.
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Watch two of the nation's best sophomore runners tear up both Lubbock and Mae Simmons...
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Abeyta wins the district 2-5A title.
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Read up on what happened at District 2-5A.
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Can this year's talented freshmen make individual and team impacts come district and ...
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Here is part 2 of our recap of the many highlights that went down at Desert Twilight.
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Desert Twilight is gonna' be lit! Click here to read Josh Tucker give a rundown of th...
Sep 15, 2017
Michael Abeyta looks forward to his sophomore season after a successful freshman year...
Aug 15, 2017
El Paso Hanks' Michael Abeyta is the boys preseason #22 5K runner.
Aug 11, 2017
Who's going to be the best sophomore of 2017? 
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Vote for the top boys track performer on the 2017 season.
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This week we saw Paulo Benavides take down the PV indoor record, and the Texas outdoo...