Meet Information

The TEXAS GREATEST ATHLETE CE MEET is celebrating 20 years this year. Acknowledging that
accomplishment allows for some reflection on the goals/success of the meet over the years. The TGA,
as it is affectionately known, started out as a high school clinic/competition to develop combined-event
athletes in the state of Texas. Then, in 2006, with the support of USATF, the meet was expanded to
include Emerging Elite/Elite Athletes so they would have an opportunity to qualify for post season
Since its inception, the TGA has qualified 16 girls and 17 boys for the Junior Outdoor Championships, the
highest level of competition for Under 20 CE athletes in the US. Add to that statistic the 9 women and
11 men who have qualified for the Senior Outdoor Championships or Olympic Trials and you have
yourself one high caliber competition.
For the high school CE athlete, this is an opportunity to compete in a CE competition with little or no
experience, because it also serves as a learning clinic led by some of the best CE coaches in the US.
For the Emerging Elite/Elite it is an opportunity to qualify for the post season championships or just
compete in some individual events in preparation for those same championships.
It is a meet strictly focusing on the Combined Events, in a state-of- the-art facility, with great support
staff and lots of encouragement.
The meet has enjoyed various sponsors throughout the year, USATF, New Balance, RUNON, as well as
private donations. This year, VS Athletics has stepped in to be the official sponsor and generously
supported the meet with promotions, t-shirts, polos, hats, as well as throwing implements and other
meet management items.

John Turek