Greenhill Varsity Bales n Fails Aug 29, 2018

So, we have published a couple of videos from the Greenhill Luke's Locker 6-Mile Relays. I have seen some impressive form and technique used and then I've witnessed a few not so impressive ones. Who can place blame though, because most distance runners don't hurdle and who hurdles hay bales on the regular anyway?It also leads me to ask the question about the girls. I don't see many girls falling at these types of meets, it's mostly guys. Is it that the girls too cautious or smart to get caught up and fall? Or is it that the guys are in too much or a hurry or think they got it and miscalculate things?One more question, have you ever wondered why there is always a huge crowd near the biggest hay bales? I think we know the answer to that.Who knows, but check out this video and make your own decision.