AFTERSHOCK Oct 25, 2018

Over the last couple of weeks, the cross country regular season has come to an end for many of the competitors in the state.In the first week, we saw several sportsmanlike gestures and inspirational interviews and races where kids gave their personal outlook and even their motivation for the sport. In such an organic sting of events, we were reminded of how and why we love this sport.At the several regional sites, we were again reminded of why we love high school cross country and why it seems to be one of the purest sports around. Check out the footage from one of the regional meets and see how the athletes react after what may be the last meet of the year or even the last of the high school career for others. In our state, our sport is so physically and mentally demanding that even an entire season of training and competing isn't enough to keep the fittest of kids from having a hard time after their race. Even when you know what is coming from pushing yourself to the limit, you still do it and this is Kudos to you -- Aftershock.