Meet Information

Meet Information
The entry fee is $10 per athlete. Make all checks
payable to:
Antonian Track & Field and mail to:
Antonian High School
Devlyn Lovell - Athletic Director
6425 West Avenue
San Antonio, TX 78213
Registration is now open at Direct Athletics.
The deadline for entering is Thursday, March
14 at 5:00 p.m.
Meet questions should be directed to Devlyn Lovell at, or Steve Barlow at
Entries will be posted on Thursday, March 14 via
hy-tek meet mobile.
Coaches, please notify Devlyn Lovell
( of all scratches by
Wednesday, March 13 by 7 p.m. This will make the
meet run more efficiently and assure the best possible
competitive environment.
Please enter accurate seed times. If no times or are
entered they will be placed in the slowest heats. All
running events are final.
All runners will be heated by time. No more than 15 in
each heat.
Event Check-In
Running Events: Entrants must check in with the
meet clerk 20 minutes prior to their event to receive
lane assignment and hip number. Athletes failing to
report at this time will be scratched. Heats may be
reseeded at check-in.
Athletic Trainers
Tents for athletic trainers will be set up at the north
end of the track.
"A" medals will be awarded to individual events first,
second and third-place finishers in all events.
Parking will be available in the parking lot adjacent to
the track.

High School Steeplechase
Antonian College Preparatory High School has added a High School Steeplechase to their
home meets on March 14, 21, and May 10. The hope to bring a opportunity for south Texas and
surrounding areas to run a rarely contested high school event.
Participants can use our meet to qualify for Texas Relays while also drawing attention from
Colleges and Universities that emphasize the event.
The Steeple will be the first event contested on March 14.

Team Camps
Camps will be allowed in the grassy area and inside the black gate on the south end of the
Concessions will be available and can be found at the south entrance of the stadium.
Restrooms can be found at the south entrance on either side of the concessions area.
Gate prices
Adult --------$4, Student--------$2, Children under 2--------No charge

Automatic Timing provided by DL Race Timing.
For more information on Antonian facility rental or DL Race Timing,
contact Devlyn Lovell (