Clear Brook Wolverine Winter Relays 2019

Clear Brook, TX
Hosted by Clear Brook


Girls 4x200 Relay Finals Section 1 Feb 8, 2019

Fort Bend Bush looked as if they were in good position in the first heat of the girls 4x200m relay at the Clear Brook Wolverine Winter Relays. The first three legs ran as good of races that could be asked from them given the conditions they had to sprint in.However, they had a snafu on the final exchange. The mishandled exchange could have understandably been caused from a number of factors like, first meet exchanges needing to be ironed out, to standing in cold and windy weather, or to just wanting to be done and putting their clothes on ASAP.The snafu took them from being in the thick of things in an interesting race to the baton being dropped, and the anchor leg having to retract and go backwards to pick the baton up and then run the correct way.That anchor leg was none other than "Superwoman" Laila Owens and she ran like a super hero. When she picked up the baton, her Bush team was then faced with a huge deficit of about 35 meters. It appears, she wasn't satisfied with standing in the winter weather elements for nothing, she was going to give her all and go for the win. That she did, she made up a humongous deficit into a head wind and then some to power her team to the win that they were possibly already on pace for prior to the exchange snafu.