Brooks Academy of Science and Engineering Results

Girls Athlete Place Results
Two Mile Run
13:57.00 SB Emma Orosco 25th HS Results
14:46.00 SB Rose Scotello 14th HS Results
15:37.00 SB Jisela Trejo 36th HS Results
16:21.00 SB Abbeynelli Sanchez 23rd HS Results
Boys Athlete Place Results
Two Mile Run
14:18.00 SB Elisia Segovia 28th HS Results
5000 Meter Run
17:39.00 SB Eric Perez 14th HS Results
18:25.00 SB Jayson Folsom 23rd HS Results
19:32.00 SB Adam Reyes 32nd HS Results
20:33.00 SB Elijah Esquivel 12th HS Results
22:06.00 SB Jorge Vicen 39th HS Results
22:32.00 SB Salvador Hernandez 23rd HS Results