UIL 6A - District 20 2021

Sugar Land, TX

Athlete Entries

Freshman Boys 2M 21 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Pietsch, Joshua Fort Bend Clements
Ramos, Diego Fort Bend Elkins
Knezevich, Michael Fort Bend Clements
DAVE, Manav Fort Bend Elkins
PANDYA, VED Fort Bend Elkins
Hatch, Nolan Fort Bend Ridge Point
Lam, Aiden Fort Bend Clements
SUMLING, CAMRYN Fort Bend Elkins
PRAVEEN, AARON Fort Bend Elkins
Hills, Jack 11:50.30 Fort Bend Ridge Point
Young, Grant 13:18.22 Fort Bend Austin
Lopez, Alejandro 13:44.60 Richmond George Ranch
Garcia, Matthew 15:02.33 Richmond George Ranch
Filla, Noah 15:43.29 Richmond George Ranch
Botti, Michael 16:06.02 Richmond George Ranch
Kallon, Lansana 16:56.70 Richmond George Ranch
Saad, Kazi 17:02.36 Fort Bend Austin
Pontes, Gabriel 17:04.65 Fort Bend Austin
GHEBREMICAEL, Joel 17:43.18 Fort Bend Elkins
McGraw, Ashton 21:50.40 Fort Bend Ridge Point
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JV Boys 5000 Meter Run 41 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Nolan, Jackson Fort Bend Dulles
Rudolph, Logan Fort Bend Clements
Kinsella, Alexandre Fort Bend Dulles
Torres, Jacob Fort Bend Dulles
Hernandez, Aidan Fort Bend Dulles
Devenish, Christian 18:17.00 Fort Bend Ridge Point
Gill, Raziel 18:18.59 Fort Bend Elkins
Elerian, Samir 18:19.40 Richmond George Ranch
Leul, Mikael 18:25.90 Fort Bend Clements
Ramierz-Vasquez, Juan 18:35.40 Fort Bend Elkins
Stewart, Benjamin 18:42.60 Fort Bend Ridge Point
Clemons, Harvey 18:45.72 Fort Bend Elkins
Habib, Adam 18:47.62 Richmond George Ranch
Gehlot, Pranav 19:18.00 Fort Bend Elkins
McMorries, Madison 19:28.59 Fort Bend Elkins
Manthey, Kohen 19:30.70 Fort Bend Ridge Point
Jaramillo, Cristian 19:33.18 Fort Bend Clements
Mahesh, Guha 19:49.00 Fort Bend Clements
Nguyen, Brian 19:50.00 Fort Bend Ridge Point
Gomez, Gregorio 19:53.10 Fort Bend Ridge Point
Biji, Johan 20:04.00 Fort Bend Elkins
Everett, Nichols 20:12.85 Richmond George Ranch
Lee, Steven 20:19.80 Fort Bend Ridge Point
Love, Carter 20:39.09 Richmond George Ranch
CARLO, GABRIEL 20:48.20 Fort Bend Clements
King, Edwin 20:50.40 Fort Bend Ridge Point
Cummings, Grant 20:54.10 Richmond George Ranch
Hogue, Ayden 20:54.80 Fort Bend Travis
Budd, Brandon 20:58.00 Fort Bend Travis
Stuck, Andrew 21:02.90 Fort Bend Travis
Agadah, Adrian 21:04.43 Richmond George Ranch
Lipasek, Brody 21:41.10 Richmond George Ranch
Bellew, Joseph 21:46.14 Fort Bend Clements
Sharma, Kushaan 21:50.13 Fort Bend Clements
Jimenez, Nicolas 22:11.18 Fort Bend Elkins
Nambi, Adarsh 22:38.59 Fort Bend Austin
Stuck, Jacob 23:26.10 Fort Bend Travis
Ray, Bradley 23:53.90 Fort Bend Travis
Yackus, Tristan 24:04.69 Fort Bend Travis
Davis, Quinn 24:10.66 Fort Bend Travis
Baerenwald, Andy 25:10.70 Fort Bend Dulles
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JV Girls 2 Mile Run 32 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Mathur, Mahira Fort Bend Clements
Imran, Shanzay Fort Bend Elkins
Figueroa, Amanda Fort Bend Clements
MALIK, SHALINI Fort Bend Clements
Zhou, Julianne Fort Bend Clements
Jaide, Bella Fort Bend Dulles
Patterson, Mohraeel Fort Bend Elkins
Aikal, Ameera Fort Bend Austin
HUBBARD, ARABELLA Fort Bend Clements
Neal, Selah 12:53.00 Fort Bend Austin
Pierson, Ashley 12:55.47 Richmond George Ranch
Ngo, Ella 13:15.99 Richmond George Ranch
Lorber, Ava 13:49.50 Richmond George Ranch
Poteau, Adele 13:53.20 Richmond George Ranch
MORREY, MEREDITH 14:05.31 Richmond George Ranch
Smith, Heidi 14:17.30 Richmond George Ranch
Marteney, Kylie 14:20.92 Richmond George Ranch
Salas, Lizbeth 14:29.70 Fort Bend Ridge Point
Catalina, Garcia 15:09.39 Fort Bend Ridge Point
PONCE DE LEON, SAMANTHA 15:24.00 Fort Bend Clements
HERNANDEZ, ASHLEY 15:27.00 Fort Bend Clements
Riojas, Sadie 16:05.30 Fort Bend Ridge Point
Denker, Linden 16:35.30 Fort Bend Ridge Point
Krampota, Reece 17:13.20 Fort Bend Ridge Point
LARSON, HANNAH 17:56.30 Fort Bend Elkins
LOMBARA, JOANNA 18:03.66 Fort Bend Elkins
Newton, Kendall 18:34.34 Fort Bend Elkins
Monroe, Carma 19:01.70 Fort Bend Ridge Point
Votis, Meadow 19:12.94 Fort Bend Elkins
Jackson, Alaina 21:11.52 Fort Bend Elkins
Ali, Sarah 21:28.30 Fort Bend Austin
Faisal, Momina 21:31.25 Fort Bend Austin
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Open 2M 60 entries

Athlete Seed Team
SMITH-ADENIRAN, Caiden Fort Bend Elkins
Wood, Mikaela Fort Bend Elkins
Engstrom, Mason Fort Bend Travis
Riley, Leonard Fort Bend Ridge Point
Allen, Cooper Richmond George Ranch
Nunn, Gavin Fort Bend Ridge Point
Henry, Brian Richmond George Ranch
Mixon, Peter Fort Bend Ridge Point
Keast, Isabelle Richmond George Ranch
Waters, Nicholas Fort Bend Clements
Farhan, Maaz Fort Bend Clements
Binny, Nathaniel Fort Bend Elkins
RUDOLPH, KYLE Fort Bend Clements
Patterson, Mohraeel Fort Bend Elkins
HA, BRYAN Fort Bend Clements
Soto, Samuel Fort Bend Elkins
Flores, Emily Richmond George Ranch
Haney, Max Fort Bend Travis
Daviault, MaryJosephine Richmond George Ranch
SANANEZ, ANDRES Fort Bend Elkins
Nichols, Reagan Richmond George Ranch
Salazar, Sebastian Fort Bend Ridge Point
Paquette, Jessica Richmond George Ranch
Coburn, Charles Fort Bend Ridge Point
Budhwani, Ali Fort Bend Clements
Garza, Caleb Richmond George Ranch
Perez, Gabriel 11:46.10 Richmond George Ranch
Alberty, Will 11:49.00 Fort Bend Ridge Point
Gorriarian, Aven 12:00.20 Richmond George Ranch
Ehlen, John 12:15.10 Richmond George Ranch
Smith, Alexander 12:47.20 Richmond George Ranch
Martinez, Marcela 13:20.20 Richmond George Ranch
Oswake, Chrystal 13:44.30 Richmond George Ranch
Martinez, Alexandra 13:48.43 Richmond George Ranch
Connell, Michael 13:50.20 Fort Bend Ridge Point
Accardo, Dominic 13:58.16 Richmond George Ranch
Ray, Bradley 14:13.26 Fort Bend Travis
Buford, Brianna 14:37.59 Richmond George Ranch
Cantu, Matthew 14:44.55 Fort Bend Ridge Point
Casas, Rebecca 14:45.08 Richmond George Ranch
Moczygemba, Chloe 15:00.10 Richmond George Ranch
Howell, Grace 15:05.72 Richmond George Ranch
Perez, Annabel 15:29.02 Richmond George Ranch
Lorber, Lyla 15:42.44 Richmond George Ranch
Garza, Emma 15:43.43 Richmond George Ranch
Brown, Pamela 15:43.86 Richmond George Ranch
Boyt, Brooke 16:05.99 Richmond George Ranch
Vargas, Anthony 16:17.30 Fort Bend Travis
Michael, Carlino 16:37.60 Richmond George Ranch
Akarue, Ashley 16:37.70 Richmond George Ranch
Shaw, Isabella 16:43.82 Richmond George Ranch
Liang, Cristine 16:53.00 Fort Bend Austin
Gilmore, Avia 17:04.09 Richmond George Ranch
Agudelo, Savanna 17:16.76 Richmond George Ranch
PRABHU, VIKRAM 18:25.90 Fort Bend Clements
Arastu, Sophia 18:44.69 Richmond George Ranch
Ayanegui, Alexandra 19:16.88 Richmond George Ranch
Njuguna, Juliet 19:22.21 Richmond George Ranch
Mangum, Kimberly 22:49.74 Richmond George Ranch
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Varisity Girls 5000 Meter Run 60 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Welch, Anna Fort Bend Dulles
Franklin, Anyxa Fort Bend Dulles
KAISER, VICTORIA Fort Bend Clements
Ramos, Aleida Fort Bend Dulles
Perez, Sofia Fort Bend Dulles
Patel, Nidhi Fort Bend Travis
Neal, Brooklynn Fort Bend Dulles
Haldiman, Madison 18:30.80 Richmond George Ranch
Harkrider, Haley 19:01.91 Richmond George Ranch
Lowry, Maggie 19:12.06 Fort Bend Austin
NGUYEN, SOPHIA 19:17.33 Richmond George Ranch
Moffett, Hayley 19:38.70 Richmond George Ranch
Boettcher, Kadyn 19:42.46 Richmond George Ranch
Curtis, Ava 19:46.49 Richmond George Ranch
Martinez, Isabella 20:10.62 Fort Bend Clements
Smith, Annette 20:26.60 Fort Bend Ridge Point
Stamps, Kianna 20:27.00 Richmond George Ranch
Hudzietz, Sophie 20:32.14 Fort Bend Clements
Ehlen, Kacey 20:35.30 Richmond George Ranch
Mbaraka, Marya 20:38.50 Fort Bend Ridge Point
LUST, ISABELLE 21:03.46 Fort Bend Clements
Djibatche, Sara 21:04.20 Fort Bend Elkins
Anwar, Zainab 21:04.88 Fort Bend Elkins
Carrington, K'lynn 21:09.35 Fort Bend Travis
HUANG, LEXI 21:15.56 Fort Bend Clements
Duty, Mckenna 21:25.57 Fort Bend Travis
PONCE DE LEON, FABIANA 21:25.68 Fort Bend Clements
Pierson, Ashley 21:28.50 Richmond George Ranch
Tamiya, Perle 21:53.84 Fort Bend Elkins
Ngo, Ella 21:54.20 Richmond George Ranch
Bird, Sadie 21:59.00 Fort Bend Ridge Point
Jaasma, Juliana 22:43.22 Fort Bend Ridge Point
LEUL, HERMELA 22:49.40 Fort Bend Clements
Leroux, Madison 22:50.58 Fort Bend Elkins
SORIANO, PATRICIA 22:51.43 Fort Bend Elkins
INFANTE, ARIANA 23:15.06 Fort Bend Bush
Cherry, Amelie 23:26.00 Fort Bend Elkins
Kowalewski, Amber 23:29.56 Fort Bend Travis
McQuilkin, Kylee 23:30.00 Fort Bend Austin
CAMPBELL, KAITLYN 23:33.40 Fort Bend Clements
LINDEMANN, RACHAEL 23:42.00 Fort Bend Elkins
Hatch, Ava 23:50.70 Fort Bend Ridge Point
Emshoff, Brinley 24:00.86 Fort Bend Ridge Point
Chapa, Gabriela 24:01.67 Fort Bend Austin
Virani, Aaliya 24:50.04 Fort Bend Austin
HERNANDEZ, ASHLEY 24:56.40 Fort Bend Clements
Mathur, Mahira 25:01.25 Fort Bend Clements
Dike, Kelechi 25:04.03 Fort Bend Austin
Martin, Emma 25:20.25 Fort Bend Austin
Newton, Kendall 25:55.70 Fort Bend Elkins
OSAMOR, CHELSEA 26:07.52 Fort Bend Bush
Chaudhry, Fatima 26:12.86 Fort Bend Travis
LARSON, HANNAH 26:23.00 Fort Bend Elkins
Souza, Kiara 26:26.90 Fort Bend Austin
Williams, Callie 26:39.09 Fort Bend Travis
Hernandez, Jasmin 27:25.10 Fort Bend Dulles
Valdez, Joyce 27:45.97 Fort Bend Bush
Montecinos, Makayla 27:49.07 Fort Bend Travis
PATTERSON, LAURYN 28:47.18 Fort Bend Bush
King, Haydin 35:43.26 Fort Bend Bush
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Varsity Boys 5000 Meter Run 64 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Gorriarian, Aven Richmond George Ranch
Salazar, Alan Fort Bend Dulles
Sanchez, Noah Fort Bend Dulles
Sanchez, Anthony Fort Bend Bush
Mendez, Daniel Fort Bend Dulles
Um, Jonas Fort Bend Dulles
Lee, Brandt Fort Bend Dulles
Morrey, Travis 16:19.05 Richmond George Ranch
Rojas, Jesus 16:29.30 Fort Bend Ridge Point
Blake, Charles 16:29.80 Fort Bend Ridge Point
Steiner, Seth 16:34.60 Fort Bend Ridge Point
WAN, JOSHUA 16:36.16 Fort Bend Clements
Moore, John 16:46.40 Richmond George Ranch
Morin, Zachariah 16:48.07 Fort Bend Elkins
Shah, Nishil 16:50.31 Fort Bend Austin
Peters, Nathan 16:53.59 Fort Bend Elkins
Garcia, Pablo 16:54.62 Fort Bend Bush
Blake, Andrew 16:58.40 Fort Bend Ridge Point
Anwar, Mohammad 17:02.04 Fort Bend Elkins
Servance, Judah 17:05.57 Fort Bend Elkins
Rojas, Sergio 17:11.59 Fort Bend Ridge Point
Tafoya, Phoenix 17:15.30 Richmond George Ranch
Padilla, Carson 17:22.96 Fort Bend Elkins
Wasserman, Ethan 17:37.52 Fort Bend Travis
Kubycheck, Conner 17:38.30 Fort Bend Ridge Point
PULMANO, AIDAN 17:38.57 Fort Bend Clements
Soto, Justin 17:48.26 Fort Bend Elkins
Jones, Bryce 17:55.13 Fort Bend Travis
Iyer, Gautam 18:14.25 Fort Bend Elkins
Ramierz-Vasquez, Juan 18:18.00 Fort Bend Elkins
Gill, Raziel 18:18.59 Fort Bend Elkins
JOHNSON, ANDREW 18:24.47 Fort Bend Clements
Leul, Mikael 18:25.90 Fort Bend Clements
Tobar, Michael 18:30.92 Fort Bend Bush
BEYER, ETHAN 18:31.90 Fort Bend Clements
Shah, Lukah 18:32.13 Fort Bend Ridge Point
Keenan, James 18:32.81 Richmond George Ranch
Macdonel, Ethan 18:33.86 Richmond George Ranch
Neel, William 18:44.18 Richmond George Ranch
Clemons, Harvey 18:45.72 Fort Bend Elkins
Jansen, Oliver 18:47.67 Richmond George Ranch
Rebueno, Jonah 18:48.30 Fort Bend Austin
Young, Sean 18:48.75 Fort Bend Travis
BORLE, KABIR 18:49.15 Fort Bend Clements
Sollenberger, Mason 18:59.47 Fort Bend Travis
Hodges, Parker 19:00.10 Richmond George Ranch
Caro, Alforja 19:08.53 Fort Bend Austin
DAYAL, ADIT 19:09.03 Fort Bend Clements
Navarro, Kevin 19:10.10 Fort Bend Bush
ALVAREZ, WILLIAM 19:15.69 Fort Bend Clements
Vennema, Rhys 19:19.04 Fort Bend Clements
Arriaga, Isaiah 19:22.50 Fort Bend Dulles
Menjivar, Antony 19:41.50 Fort Bend Bush
Ehlen, John 19:43.30 Richmond George Ranch
Peries, Drew 19:52.83 Fort Bend Austin
Riepel, Ryan 19:55.10 Fort Bend Austin
Applegate, Teel 20:21.29 Fort Bend Travis
Arnold, Brett 20:24.50 Fort Bend Travis
CHAMARTI, SAKET 20:32.30 Fort Bend Clements
Perez, Logan 20:42.04 Fort Bend Travis
BANES, Michael 20:44.02 Fort Bend Austin
Curry, John 21:08.60 Fort Bend Dulles
Parisi, Alfio 21:20.90 Fort Bend Austin
Baerenwald, Andy 25:10.70 Fort Bend Dulles
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