University of the Incarnate Word Results

Women Athlete Place Section Results
60 Meter Dash
8.02 Gabrielle Thomas 22nd Prelims H4 women's
8.07 Lauryn Ceasar 24th Prelims H3 women's
8.27 Camry Hill 18th Finals H4 women's
8.33 London Fontenot 21st Finals H4 women's
200 Meter Dash
26.17 SB Afiah Brathwaite 18th Finals H6 women's
26.42 Camry Hill 23rd Finals H10 women's
26.57 SB Eliana Lake 26th Finals H7 women's
27.27 London Fontenot 37th Finals H6 women's
400 Meter Dash
59.87 SB Eliana Lake 8th Finals H6 women's
1:01.80 SB Afiah Brathwaite 13th Finals H4 women's
1:03.76 SB Kaycee Brown 23rd Finals H6 women's
1:05.28 SB Brianna Alex 26th Finals H2 women's
60 Meter Hurdles
9.26 SB Afiah Brathwaite 15th Prelims H1 women's
9.34 Jordan Hawkins 20th Prelims H1 women's
9.48 Kaycee Brown 24th Prelims H1 women's
9.55 SB Brianna Alex 26th Prelims H2 women's
Triple Jump
38-3.5 Oghale Omakor 9th Finals H2 women's
37-11.25 Gabrielle Thomas 10th Finals H2 women's
35-4.5 SB Keira Taylor-Mathis 16th Finals H1 women's
Shot Put
41-3.25 Sinaya Fowler 11th Finals H2 women's
40-3.5 Angelina Sahagun 12th Finals H2 women's
Weight Throw
66-8.75 SB Klaire Bentley 3rd Finals H3 women's
42-2.25 Sinaya Fowler 25th Finals H2 women's
39-11.25 Angelina Sahagun 27th Finals H2 women's
Men Athlete Place Section Results
60 Meter Dash
7.03 Jordan Chopane 13th Prelims H3 men's
7.03 Cameron Crowe 14th Prelims H1 men's
7.04 Dallas Williams 17th Prelims H4 men's
7.09 Alonzo Woods 20th Prelims H4 men's
7.11 SB Eric Quilantan 21st Prelims H2 men's
7.41 William Camacho 27th Finals H5 men's
7.43 Kyle Lewis 29th Finals H5 men's
7.50 SB Malique Harris 33rd Finals H6 men's
200 Meter Dash
21.70 Jordan Chopane 5th Finals H18 men's
22.20 Cameron Crowe 17th Finals H15 men's
22.42 SB Matheo Bernat 24th Finals H16 men's
22.69 Dallas Williams 30th Finals H20 men's
22.86 SB Miguel Flores 33rd Finals H12 men's
22.87 SB Daniel Lovasz 34th Finals H16 men's
22.95 SB Kyle Sieracki 38th Finals H6 men's
22.95 SB Candan Martin 39th Finals H5 men's
23.06 SB Isaiah Garcia 44th Finals H1 men's
23.06 SB Isaiah Garcia 44th Finals H6 men's
23.58 Alonzo Woods 57th Finals H13 men's
23.95 Kyle Lewis 66th Finals H14 men's
23.97 SB Josiah Martinez 67th Finals H8 men's
24.24 SB Parker Barrett 73rd Finals H5 men's
400 Meter Dash
50.53 Miguel Flores 5th Finals H9 men's
51.62 SB Isaiah Garcia 17th Finals H4 men's
53.19 SB Daniel Lovasz 29th Finals H8 men's
60 Meter Hurdles
8.04 Matheo Bernat 5th Finals H1 men's
8.13 Matheo Bernat 6th Prelims H3 men's
8.54 Candan Martin 15th Prelims H2 men's
8.65 SB Dallas Williams 17th Prelims H1 men's
9.08 Kyle Sieracki 22nd Prelims H3 men's
9.50 SB Parker Barrett 28th Prelims H1 men's
Triple Jump
43-2.5 SB William Camacho 10th Finals H1 men's
Pole Vault
14-9 Kyle Sieracki 7th Finals H1 men's
14-9 Josiah Martinez 7th Finals H1 men's
14-3.25 Tyler Hunter 11th Finals H1 men's
12-3.5 SB Parker Barrett 19th Finals H1 men's
Shot Put
48-7.5 Garrett Stokes 10th Finals H4 men's
47-10 Christian Gomez 13th Finals H4 men's
Weight Throw
54-7.25 Garrett Stokes 5th Finals H1 men's
46-8.75 Christian Gomez 16th Finals H2 men's