6A Boys 100m Finals - Grego Scholars II

This was an incredible race won by Grego Sholars II of Fort Worth Paschal, unfortunately there was no official time recorded.  The runner-up was Kyron Cumby of Plano and both Grego and Kyron earned a trip to the UIL 6A Texas Track & Field State Meet.

Note: This is NOT an official time, but using my camera time at 60fps, where every frame is .01 = 0167 seconds, I marked the start time at one (1) frame prior to the first sight of smoke from the starter's gun barrel and stopped it a frame after the 1st torso crossed the finish line.  When the left foot of the runner in lane 1 (Fazarro) crossed the finish line, I marked the time at about 10.30.  Sholars II and Cumby probably went sub 10.3, but we'll have to wait for the State meet to see if they can repeat.  In any regard, a heck of a race for All the participants!