Boys 1600 Finals Section 1

Just like a good old fashioned western movie, the boys 1600m at the El Paso Bowie and Coronado Inv. was a good battle.

By now, many of the names and faces of some of the top El Paso distance runners have become recognizable names and faces. This race was a battle of many of the top dawgs in the city.

The race was made up of many state champions and All-State runners from either track and field or cross country. 

The race was reminiscence of a cross country race with a clear front pack as the runners battled the winds. It stayed that way through much of the race until the last lap when those with the fitness and the speed to separate did just that. TAPPS state champion Brandon Seagreaves had a better kick than NXN qualifier Edwin Gomez to take the win.

1Brandon Seagreaves12El Paso Cathedral4:24.331
2Edwin Gomez10San Elizario4:25.631
3Liam Walsh12El Paso Coronado4:27.331
4Elias Perez11El Paso Eastwood4:27.751
5Sergio Leon Cuartas10El Paso Eastwood4:29.981
6Alan Alba11El Paso Coronado4:32.041