Kary Vincent Jr. AKA Nostradamus

Ok, the secret is out of the bag of how to develop a driven, no nonsense, focused, and most of all record breaking, history setting team. Get yourself a KARY VINCENT JR

Ok, yeah, I know it's easier said than done. Athletes, let alone people like Vincent Jr. do not come around often and they're definitely not hanging off tree branches. It's even just as hard to develop and teach the characteristics that he possesses. His athleticism, power, and speed can only come from hard work and genetics and his leadership qualities are second to none. However, he has one talent that not many people know of. His ability to predict the future.

On Friday, PA Memorial ran an amazing 39.80 4x100 relay and a 1:23.52 in the 4x200 relay. Vincent Jr. then proceeded to line up in the boys 200m and blaze his way to a second straight UIL 200m Championship, with his 20.71. On top of that, they earned the 2nd place team trophy. 

Port Arthur Memorial 4x100, 4x200, and 4x400 Relay members

Should we have expected it? I don't know about expectations, but we sure were given notice of what was going to happen 364 days ago. 

Last year, in almost the exact same spot on the track, Vincent Jr. said his Port Arthur Memorial team was going to be back to do some big things, "Everything I run, we are gonna win Gold." There are a lot of people that say things and make all kinds of promises, but who would have known? Kary Vincent Jr. knew! He sure predicted it. 

See last year's post 200m championship interview. Then watch last night's post 200m championship interview.

Kary Vincent Jr. 2016 post 6A 200m video

Last season, PA Memorial placed 4th in the 6A 4x100 with a 41.12, and didn't even qualify for state in the 4x200 or 4x400. I admit that last years PA's finish to the season was not what I thought they minimally capable of, but Vincent Jr's statement was far from that moment's considerable reality. Who could have thought they would run faster then 99.9% of every high school team in U.S. history?

Vincent Jr's Nostradamus like prophecy came to fruition last night and in a big way.

Kary Vincent Jr. 2017 post 5A 200m video

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