Don't Sleep On Sean Hooper At Brooks PR

SEAN HOOPER is one of Texas' and the nation's top 400m runners.

Hooper took second at the Texas UIL 6A state meet in the 400m. Hooper also had a big summer last season by winning both the USATF and the AAU 400m title. In doing so, he beat some of the top national runners including last year's Brooks PR winner ELIJA GODWIN

With all that he has accomplished, he still is unhappy with his 2017 season. Hooper is still a little salty about taking second at state, "With everything I did, I still didn't achieve the goal I wanted to achieve, which was to win state."

Although he is a little disappointed, Hooper isn't down and out. He has taken the proactive approach. "With training, I'm back to square one, it's hard and intense." I'd have to say, that Hooper is right, he has gone back to square one. Last week, at the AAU Southwestern District Qualifier meet, he ran the 200m and the 800m. 

However, this weekend, Hooper will be back at it in the 400m. This will be the best group of 400m runners assembled this season, but Sean Hooper isn't intimidated. In fact, he is thinking quite the opposite. If the competitors at Brooks are over looking Hooper, he has a message for them, "Underestimate me so I can embarrass you."

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