Dear Running: I've Given All I Can

Denton Guyer senior Christalee Kirby was having a great season. She was undefeated on the outdoor season in both throwing events and was looking forward to returning to the state meet. She has a college career waiting for her at the University of Oregon.

Even though the conclusion of my senior season is uncertain, I'm proud and confident that I've given all that I can up to this point.

Christalee Kirby, Denton Guyer senior

Dear Running or in this case throwing,

When I was 4 years old I told a classmate, "You can throw a ball but you can't throw a fit." Little did I know, 13 years later I would be throwing "balls" as well as discs for not only local but for national audiences. Unlike most people who knew whether they were going to run, jump, throw, etc. I didn't. I tried loads of events before I finally fell in love with throwing.

We as throwers don't get the same attention, hype, and media exposure as runners do, but I wouldn't trade it for anything because we have some of the most intense competition, tightest bonds, and last but not least the most fun. Throwers are some of the nicest and most genuine people I've met.  They have helped me become the athlete and person I am today.

Even though the conclusion of my senior season is uncertain, I'm proud and confident that I've given all that I can up to this point. As I wait on the news about how the season is going to finish, it has given me time to reflect and appreciate the journey and the impact that track and field as a whole has had on me.

I stumbled upon track and field just to keep busy between basketball tournaments during the summer. My mom initially put me in track and field to run, but my dad suggested I start throwing. I thought it would be a one time thing, and I would forget about it once the summer was over, and I would move on to the next sport as I did so many times in the years past.

Growing up, the only other sport I loved was basketball.  Just last year I fully traded free throws for three throws and basketball shoes to throwing shoes. That was the second hardest decision I've had to make only behind choosing where I would ultimately spend the next 4 years of my throwing career.

Many people don't know or realize the lessons you can learn behind an individual sport. You have taught me many things over the years like not to give up; that what I do and who I am is enough; that I will always have another throw, and certainly the yummiest - cheesecake is the best form of reward.

In throwing you have shown me a sense of camaraderie and togetherness that I didn't experience in any other sport. You have given me some of my absolute best friends and future college teammates.  You have given me opportunities that I could only dream of, you've taken me to states I haven't been to, and you've given me 4 national titles that I put my blood, sweat, and tears into.

As devastating as it is to have my season cut short, I am extremely grateful that I have four more years at The University of Oregon, but I have teammates and friends who were using this season to either get their name out there or to solidify a scholarship and ultimately sign. I hope that they get the chance to display their talents one last time.

Well, Running, even though I didn't run many races, thank you for introducing me to throwing, the event that I fell in love with.

  • Love, Christalee Kirby (Guyer '20)