Dear Running: You Revealed A Comfort I Never Knew I'd Need

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Paige Low is the 2019 UIL 6A shot put and discus champion. She was the top returner in both events for this season until she got injured. She was already going to miss 2020 before Coronavirus happened, but her experience of dealing with and overcoming adversity is a story worth hearing. The University of Oklahoma signee is ready for her next chapter.

It stood as a representation that you can overcome adversity you face in life with the help of sports

Paige Low, Midland Lee senior

Dear running,

Please don't forget the athletes performing outside of the track.

When I was first introduced to track and field, I was a runner. I spent my time after school running laps around the dirt track and high jumping in the weeds. Since I was tall and strong, I was immediately labeled as a "thrower" and sent to throw shot put and discus in hopes of gaining a few extra points for the team. Although everyone is drawn to the excitement of the track, the throwing events stood out to me more than anything because I was able to throw it further than any of the other girls. So, you can imagine my excitement when I got to take home the little blue ribbons week after week. I am a huge competitor; so winning (even though it's not everything) meant a lot to little junior high me. 

By the time I reached my freshman year and was faced with the reality that high school track was not just a side sport to volleyball and basketball, I gave up running and decided to really focus my attention on throwing. I've had my fair share of disappointment and failure over the course of the three years I've been throwing in high school. Crying after meets, during meets, and on the bus home was not uncommon for me, since I didn't know how to express my disappointment in losing and/or underperforming. High school throwing was a whole different world compared to what it was in junior high, where I could effortlessly win meet after meet. I quickly realized that nothing would be handed to me and decided that I wanted to succeed, so I changed my mindset and attacked it every single day, working especially hard in the summer with my super invested coach. The beauty behind throwing is that it's all up to me; I own both the success and failure.