Ryan Schoppe And Graydon Morris Top 10 All-Time In Texas?

Graydon Morris (L) and Ryan Schoppe (R) have had great careers in both cross country and track and field. They are members of the class of 2020 and they had optimistic plans for this year.

A list of the All-Time best runners in the history of the state can be a long and deep list. A top 10 list narrows it down, but the process to doing so could be quite the task.

Once a list is narrowed down, then the tough part of putting it in order based on stats and resumes becomes the subjective challenge. However, that seems to be the thing to do these days.

This year, there were two boys in the class of 2020 who have created a resume in their first three years of high school to go along with their senior cross country season that have put them in the conversation of being some of the best distance runner in Texas.

Aledo senior Graydon Morris and La Porte senior Ryan Schoppe came into high school during the Reed Brown and Sam Worley years. Morris and Schoppe witnessed two of the greatest Texas high school distance runners who were in their own era. In fact, they were able to compete against them and they participated at the 2017 state meets with them.

From those days moving forward, Morris and Schoppe began to forge their own paths that have led them into the conversation of being one of the best.

All they needed was a chance to have a linear improvement year to add onto their first three seasons. All of the best runners had their senior years to cement their legacies. That opportunity was taken from the entire class of 2020 and the chance of a lifetime for Morris and Schoppe to etch themselves in the company of others for a lifetime.

But, did it actually keep them from becoming one of the best runners in Texas High School history?

Vote in the poll and let us know what your thoughts are, where do Graydon Morris and Ryan Schoppe land in terms of the best distance runners of all time.

Tomorrow, we will release our Top-10 Texas boys distance runners of All-Time.