ICYMI: Interviews You Should See From This Weekend

Now that all divisions and leagues in Texas who are allowed to compete by their school districts, cities, or counties are in action we are seeing the cross country season begin to round into shape.

We were able to get some interaction with some coaches and athletes from around the courses across the state. Just in case you missed them, here are some of the things that stood out.

Chance Edwards, Cedar Park Head Coach

Cedar Park head coach, Chance Edwards discusses executing their annual invitational and the challenges that were faces as well some positives he realized.

Georgetown - Eggs Benedict

The Georgetown girls came out focused and ready to run in their first team event opportunity. The girls are confident and know they are prepared to have a special year. If you want to know why they are confident, well it's in the coaching. For all of the traditional purposes like leadership, guidance, and training but it goes beyond that.

The breakfasts in the Georgetown program are special and unlike many. Find out why and how.

The New Braunfels Girls Have Moves

They can run at New Braunfels and the girls came out running with a purpose at the Cedar Park Inv. They shared how tight knit of a group they are and how their culture is developed.

They have jam sessions in the mornings letting the music set the tone. Oh, they can also cut a rug. They also get their share of dancing in and their best dancer gave us a snipet of her moves.

Charles Dawson Is Cool, Calm, and Collected

Charles Dawson of Austin Westlake was having a very eloquent discussion, rattling off thoughtful and informative response after response before he dropped a bomb. Being a senior, you'd expect him to be mature and experienced with his running; his collected demeanor after the win and a PR performance would lead you to believe had done this many times.

But, he hasn't. It's hard to believe this was his first win in a cross country meet ever. He is off to a great start to collecting his second one real soon.