ICYMI: Interviews That'll Make You Smile, Laugh, Or Question

Interviews are always part of the total cross country meet experience. You get some insight into what the athletes, coaches, and teams were thinking.

We are doing less this season because of COVID restrictions, but they seem to be even more interesting than any other time. 

Check out the interviews we selected as some of the most interesting interviews from the past weekend and see just how interesting they got.

- - -

Waco University High

So, I can't really say there is a lot of thought that goes into what order these interviews go in, but this one was put first for a reason.

Waco U loves MileSplit and we love them too. Then there was the confusion on when they ran a meet, last week or last year, but we got it figured out-kinda.

Then they told us they are going for a district 3-peat, and as I clear my throat.....watch out Lovejoy, Waco University is coming after your Region 2-5A title. Don't shoot the messenger!

Rockwall Girls 

I really like the Rockwall girls, they are my kind of cross country team. They ran exceptionally well, were kind and funny, and had an eloquent interview. They seem like exactly like some people I'd like to hang our with. That's what I thought until I found out how dangerous their pasta night and team dinners are....BEWARE if you go to a Rockwall team dinner!

Burleson Centennial Boys

The Burleson Centennial boys are a good and fun group to hang out with.  This weekend, they hosted their own meet and it has a hill - a really big hill called the "Green Monster". They talked about running on it and training on it. They even hit a little old school dance for us.

Colleyville Heritage Girls

So, we learned a lot of the Colleyville Heritage girls this weekend. They can run and look to be one of the best in Texas. More importantly, we learned they are no introverted girls on the team, they can morph, and they have a "leech" mentality. You will want to learn about their leech mentality.

Mexia Boys

So, cross country is a sport you have to posses respect for or you won't last long. Mexia pays respect for the sport and their opponents. However, don't let that fool you, they also love to have a good time. The team tradition for the seniors is to carry the speaker to meets. Mexia shows their fun side and they are joined by other teams for a little dance session.

Southlake Carroll Girls

Southlake Carroll is a program deep with tradition and senior laded group at this school would have just about seen it all. They are deep and experienced so they've seen it all. One thing they learned is that you have to watch out for elbows. Watch and see how how they much fun they seem to have. Oh yeah, there is even a public service announcement on who to vote for in the local election.

Eustace Boys

The Eustace cross country team is known for winning state champions, but things don't stop there. These guys are fairly interesting and they like making a fashion statement with their socks. Rarely do they miss leg days in the weight room because these guys all have some nice sets of legs on them.

Denton Guyer Girls 

So, Denton Guyer is more than just a one girl team and they are enjoying the 2020 season ride. They have a young lady on their team who committed to the University of North Carolina to continue her running. However, she what color mask she had on and she didn't even know it. 

Brownwood Boys

This interview thing sometimes is like crap shoot. You never know how it's going to go, but with Brownwood, I guarantee you that you're going to get the truth no matter how direct or awkward the truth is going to be. 

Keller Timber Creek Boys

Timber Creek hosted a meet this past weekend and they ran extremely well; then they got an interview. Well, we found out that they like to monkey around, especially on Mondays.

Lampasas Girls 

We had a real cool conversation with Lampasas, but all I remember is soccer, soccer, and soccer.

Hudson Bennett

Hudson Bennett is usually all business all of the time when it comes to running. This week he had a breakthrough race at McNeil and Grace was able to catch up to him and he let his guard down this time. Listen to Hudson talk about his goals, what he likes to do when he is not running, and how he still wants to qualify for state like it'll be his first time.