Running Means The World To Srs Like Timberview's Angel Gomez

Angel Gomez, a Senior from Mansfield Timberview put on an impressive performance at the Jaguar Relays in Arlington on March 25. Like many of his fellow athletes, the loss of their junior year has affected their recruiting and has placed even more importance on showing their best at each meet. With this being his first 3200m of the 2021 season, he was happy with the 10:04.69 which earned him a second place finish. It wasn't a PR for him as that came in the 2019 district competition when he ran a 9:59.97.

With the first half mile going sub 2:20, he felt really good. "Looking at my watch, I wanted to go sub 10 today," Gomez said. He knew as long as the leader went his pace, that he'd be fine with his own pace. He thought the pace felt good, so he felt comfortable to pick it up a little.

As the laps progressed, he continued to monitor his pace with his mile split being a 4:53. It was a swirling wind the whole race which Gomez said did not affect him until the last three laps and he said, "when I got a little more tired, that's when I definitely could feel the wind." He knew he could still push himself to reach his goal and was determined not to let it become a factor.

Running means the world to him. He feels like it has taught him a lot. It has introduced him to a lot of people and helped him make a lot of friends. He said running is a great stress reliever and uses it as a release when he has a lot on his mind. He's super excited to get a season this year since last year was cut short due to COVID-19. He felt it was a big loss, but said it motivated him even more to train harder hoping he'd get a season his senior year.

Right now he feels great and says this is the best he's ever felt in his track career. Gomez hopes to run in college next year. He has schools that are showing interest, but has yet to commit to anyone at this time. He knows he has more in the tank and ready to turn a lot of heads with future races. He said, "it would mean the world to me after high school to get an education and hopefully get it for free." Angel definitely believes this is just the beginning and is expecting more PR's as the season progresses. He's loving that South Arlington has never been known as a distance mecca, but he and several of his distance brothers are changing that perception.

Angel Gomez' Athlete Profile

Personal Records High School
800 Meter Run1:58.51
1600 Meter Run4:32.77
3200 Meter Run9:59.97
3000 Meter Run11:38.10
Three Mile Run16:10.00
5000 Meter Run16:34.43