Mansfield Legacy Runner Diagnosed With Cancer

These kids are in a battle. If you're a cross country runner, it begins in June/July through December and for a track and field athlete, it begins in November through May or beyond. The battle is to train your mind and your body to accomplish your goals

However, one of our Texas student-athletes is in a much more difficult battle. Joy Nwokoye is battling cancer; specifically Carcinoma, stage IV.

According to, Carcinoma is a common type of cancer. "It begins in the epithelial tissue of the skin, or in the tissue that lines internal organs, such as the liver or kidneys." Cancer is labeled in stages from I - IV, with IV being the most serious.

Joy attends Mansfield Legacy High School in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Joy, her family, and her team are preparing for to fight back. You can help in the attack with your support in any way. A GoFundMe support has been established.

Jeff Lindsey, Legacy head coach, wrote "she is beautiful, inside and out. Her smile could light up a room and her attitude is always great." Per Lindsey, Joy is currently in Houston at the MD Anderson Cancer Center where they are learning more about her diagnosis.

In her career, Joy has run for Colleyville Heritage and for the North Texas Cheetahs Track Club as a sprinter in the 100m and 200m events.

Lindsey also noted, "all her teams love her and want to show support for her battle and with your help we can provide financial assistance to the family. Anything helps. Please, if you can, consider donating to this cause. Thank you and above all else, Pray for Joy!"

See the GoFundMe information below.