Michael Nworu: 'People Like Me, We Can't Afford To Mess Up'

Michael Nworu ran a 11.40 PR in the 100m last year. This year, he has already run a TX No.5 ranked 6.88 in the 60 meters and is in the top 50 nationally

By William Grundy - Texas MileSplit 

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In track and field, there are certain athletes that come around and you know they have "it."

Whatever "it" is, they just seem to possess the characteristics to stand out and perform on a different level.

It is my firm belief that Olympic sprinters are born and not made. Now, I do think speed can be worked at -- to a point it can be developed -- and it can be improved. When it comes to competing in the race that decides who the fastest men and women on the planet are, I believe that type of speed is a gift.

Undoubtedly, many may disagree, and Michael Nworu from Alief Taylor High School in Houston, Texas is one of them.

But he also might actually be onto something when it comes to talking about himself becoming an Olympian. 

Until recently, he had not displayed the ability or skill to warrant one to think he could one day become an Olympian. Participating in track and field going back to his days as a youth, Nworu was never one of those runners who stood out as having "it."

Moreover, it was just last year when he ran 11.49 in the open 100 meters.

But things are changing fast for Nworu, and it's happening right in front of our eyes.

This indoor season we have seen him perform in a way much higher than a 11.4 guy would project to run.

He participated at the LSU High School Classic and opened the season with two solid runs in the 60 meters by going 7.01 and 7.09, respectively. 

 "That was more of like the commitment because people like me, we can't afford to mess up, so that's part of the commitment, dedication."

Michael Nworu, Alief Taylor (TX) senior

Later, at the Arkansas High School Invitational, Nworu improved in the same event by going under 7.00 with a 6.97, followed by another solid performance in the finals by running 7.02.

However, it was the Texas Tech Under Armour High School Classic when he began to break out. He ran 6.88 in both the prelims and the finals to finish fourth in a race that now has him ranked No. 5 in the state of Texas and No. 41 nationally.

Being a senior with only four to five months remaining in high school, Nworu now has focus toward the future and what that will be. He has decided that track and field is his avenue and failure is not an option.

Since last year, the time and dedication Nworu has been devoting to running has been on an another level.

"That was more of like the commitment because people like me can't afford to mess up, so that's part of the commitment, dedication," he said. 

This year, then, Nworu is approaching track and field with an all-out approach.

After running the impressive 6.88 for 60 meters, the speedster was dissatisfied. He says he's still hungry for more.

He admitted the guys who beat him were just faster on that day. In fact, when asked where he goes from here, his response was, "we're going straight to practice, I ain't gonna lie. I won't rest until I beat all of those times (that were run by the three guy who beat him), to be honest with you, I have to."

I wasn't born in a rich family, so we have to make it out some way."

Michael Nworu, Alief Taylor (TX) senior

Although running fast and improvement are two top priorities for the unsigned senior, earning a college scholarship has now heightened his sense of urgency.

This is how Nworu see his future.

"I wasn't born into a rich family, so we have to make it out some way," he said.

For him, track and field is the way.

Nworu is a self-proclaimed hard worker who is training his body and fueling it in the right ways.

When asked what a college coach can expect to get from him, he unequivocally said, "a future Olympian."

Personal Records High School

60 Meter Dash6.88
200 Meter Dash22.22
100 Meter Dash11.40