Region III-5A Boys Cross Country Preview


Last year: Boys 5A Results


2010 projected Individual Winner: Yonas Tesfai


Top Runners who is leaving due to graduation/realignment: 6 out of the top 10 athletes from last year are gone. John Cavallo, Anthony AguinagaChrissbun Jamerson , Christopher Gutierrez, William Groesbeck, and David Koistinen


Top Runners in the top 10 last year returning: The region returns some talented runners this year including Weston Novelli, Anthony Coleman, Nick Gibson, and Alex Leroux. *Realignment really adds some talent to this region including Yonas Tesfai , Cale Wallace and Craig Nowak


Who are to top returners?: Want to find out where you stand in region 2-5A?   Top 100 Individuals


Top Freshman Returners who might make a splash: Xavier Jimenez was a standout Fr last year running 4:31/9:44.   View Complete List of 2013 Graduates


Top Seniors Recruits: Here is my list of the top recruits coming out of this region this year.  Top 100 Seniors (2011)


District Breakdown: 5A District 17 - 5A District 185A District 195A District 205A District 215A District 22- 5A District 235A District 24


ATHLETE ALERT: Keep an eye out for Jose Ortega  he just finished out of the top 10 last year and improved his 3200 to a 9:37 on the track.