Plainview Invitational 2017

Plainview, TX

Meet Information


When: The Plainview High School cross-country team would like to invite you to participate in this years cross-country meet on Saturday September 3 rd , 2016.

Location: Running Water Draw Park behind Furrs Dining off of I- 27 & Olton Road. Remember, Plainviews access roads are one way now.

Event Distance Rolling Schedule
Registration 7:00-8:00 AM
Jr. High Girls 2 miles 8:00 AM
Jr. High Boys 2 miles 8:30 AM
JV Girls Div I (1A-4A) 2 miles 9:00 AM
Div I Var Girls (1A-4A) 2 miles 9:30 AM
JV Girls Div II (5A-6A) 3 miles 10:00 AM
Div II Var Girls (5A-6A) 3 miles 10:30 AM
JV Boys (Both Divisions) 3 miles 11:00 AM
Div I Boys (1A-4A)/
Div II Boys (5A-6A) 3 miles 11:30 AM

Please read directions below carefully to enter the meet.

1. Division I and II guys will run together but be scored and placed separately. They will finish in separate chutes. Division I Varsity Guys Teams will have Green Wrist Bands in their packets. They will need to wear them on their right wrist for the Varsity Guys Division I Race. The Division I Varsity Guys will finish in the RIGHT CHUTE.
2. Please complete registration for all HS runners on the ATM2GO site at by 6:00 on Thursday September 1 st .
3. All runners registered in the high school division can be interchanged between the varsity and junior varsity division without making any change in the computer. It will not be necessary to scratch or change runners.
4. Please send the number of JH runners NOT NAMES, to my e-mail by September 1 st .
5. You may enter as many JH & JV runners as you would like. You can also run up to 10 Varsity Runners if you would like.
6. The top two teams in the varsity divisions and the top team in the JV divisions will receive plaques. The top 20 runners in each division will be given medals.JH runners will be given medals but not given places and coaches are responsible for the timing of their own athletes. The HS divisions will be timed & placed by certified SPATO officials.
7. We will have 2 JV Girls Divisions. Division I will be small school and will run 2 miles. Division II will be big school and will run 3 miles. Remember the new alignment is 1A-6A. Small School is 1A-4A and Big School is 5A-6A.
8. Teams are allowed to run up a Division but NO TEAM will be allowed to rundown.
9. There will be an $8 fee for HS runners and $6 for JH runners. What you entered on the ATM2GO website is what you will be charged for.
10. Please have check made out to Red Rage Booster Club
11. Please contact me @ or call 806-215-3877(cell) if you have any concerns or questions.