11th Annual Schrader Mile

Cedar Park, TX

Meet Information

The day of the meet is May 5, 2018.

Register HERE!

*The start time will be 7pm. Last year we had 20+ heats of the 1600 and we are aiming to have the last race start at 9pm.

*Every heat is seeded by PR. So a 4.40 miler will be in a heat with other athletes between 4.37-4.42 or so. We expect boys to break 4.10 and girls to break 5.00.

*We are adding a pro field where a select few high schoolers will get a chance to run in the race. So far we have several men that have broken 4 minutes in the mile and several women that have broken 4.35. A lot of applications are rolling in that I have not reviewed yet. We expect that pro men and pro women will PR and run in the mid 3.50s and mid 4.20s.

*Registration should open up on March 1.

*Post race party where athletes get to hang out and meet pro runners, ask questions, get pictures, etc.

Any other questions? They can email me.