District 3-3A Middle School Championship 2019

Crane, TX
Hosted by Crane

Meet Information

District 3-3A Middle School Championship

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Crane County Golf Course

(230 Golf Course Road)


Please register all middle school runners on TxMileSplit. Please make sure that you have registered all eligible athletes. Please have all entries completed by Sunday at midnight so that we can print out the bibs.


There are no fees for the district meet. 

Coaches Meeting:

3:15pm at the Finish Line. 

Each team needs to provide one volunteer coach to help serve as a course marshal. At this time, volunteers will be assigned their position for the duration of the races. We shouldn't need to make any runner changes since all runners should have been registered. 


Each athlete will have a racing bib. As they enter the finish chute, we will have someone keeping time with our Sprint 8 and they will have their bib scanned for placing purposes at the end of the finish chute. We will also have someone writing down the athlete numbers as they are scanned as a backup.

Race Schedule: 

4:00 MS Girls

4:30 MS Boys

MS Awards - Individual & Team


Results will be announced during the awards. They will also be posted on TxMileSplit. 

Additional Notes: 

  • Please instruct your athletes to stay off the course once the races have begun. 

  • Please instruct spectators not to cross or crowd the finish line so that they do not impede a runner. 

  • There will be port-a-potties in addition to the restroom inside. 

  • On the course maps, please let your kids know which color of flag goes with their course. Red = 2 mile

  • We will have a trainer on site during the meet. He will be located under the medal pavilion. 

  • Dan Cook will be the official starter and meet referee. His decisions are final. 

  • We don't anticipated rattlesnakes but just in case, please always be cautious!