Region 4-5A Meet 2009

San Antonio, TX


4-5A Regional Previews - Virtual Meet Results May 05, 2009

  Wouldn't it be cool if  you could see a virtual meet that was based off of season bests in the database instead of just seed times from districts? How about formatting it with real meet results to see individual results? Now you can.  So what we have here is we took the three qualifiers from each district in each event in Region 4-5A.  We took their season best time/mark in that event.  And we threw all of those together into a virtual meet.  Then we scored it and here are the meet results that came out the other end!  Enjoy!!! Region 4-5A Boys  |   Region 4-5A Girls  |   Subscribers only!  Please support this site and more future cool features like this by subscribing.