4th Annual FEAST 2009

San Antonio, TX


Texas Powers Dominate at FEAST Flight Score Meet Sep 27, 2009

The 2008 edition of the FEAST Home School’s “Flight Score” Meet closed with a post-meet buzz of runners, coaches and fans sharing stories about course obstacles, “down to the last flight” competitions, and “let’s do this again next year.”  Well, “next year” came on Friday night with renewed excitement as The Woodlands Girls  and Cedar Park Boys joined 45 other schools across two divisions in San Antonio for their own shot at this one-of-a-kind meet with its international style course and non-traditional racing format.  Foregoing the standard mass start, this meet spreads a team’s runners across “flights” where single numbered runners from each team compete head-to-head with the same numbered runners from the other teams i.e., all of the number seven runners from each team start at the same time in one “flight,” then all the number six runners and on up to the number ones.  Flights departed every five minutes so coaches were busy with simultaneous action of multiple races on the course at once.  Tension built with each successive flight, as the red-shirted FEAST cadre posted fluid “during the action” scores race-by-race showing the ebb and flow of competition, lead changes, and what was needed to win and place! RACE SUMMARY