Derek Hernandez Memorial Relay 2023

Andrews, TX
Hosted by Andrews

Meet Information

You are invited to the Derek Hernandez Memorial Relay on August 19, 2023. Proceeds of the meet will go
towards the Derek Hernandez Memorial Scholarship.
Each relay will consist of a 2-man team. The teams will be made up of the same gender.
Location: We will be holding the relay at the Andrews Baseball Complex. Parking instructions will come out at
a later date.
Awards: Medals for top 10: 2-man teams
1 st and 2 nd place plaques for Best School Performance (boys and girls together) we will score each race with the
Collegiate Track format (10,8,6,5,4,3,2,1) for both boys and girls finish, then total the points from both sides to
declare the champion. This will be the same for the Junior High
Entry Procedure: The entries will be on, and registration is open at this time. Look for Derek
Hernandez Memorial Relay and register your team. When you go to register, once you get to the screen where
you can edit your entries, figure out how many relay teams and add that many relay teams. I do not need to
know the names of your kids on these teams, I just need to know the correct number of relays. If you have an
odd number of runners, please email me and we will place the extra runner with another runner from a
different team, that way they still get to participate in the relay. If you are having trouble, please dont
hesitate to email me. The cost will be $12 per team and $6 per individual runner. Please make checks
payable to:

Andrews High School Athletics Attn: Cross Country

1400 NW AVE K
Andrews, TX 79714

Course: The course is a 1.5-mile loop. A map of the course will be emailed in the near future
There is some pavement on this course, so I suggest flats instead of spikes
Race Format: Junior High: Both runners will run the 1.5-mile loop once
High School (boys and girls): Both runners run two 1.5 mile loops (1,2,1,2 format)
Race Times: JH Races will Start at 8:00am, and we will have a rolling start on the next races Order: Junior
HighGirls, Junior High Boys, High School Girls, High School Boys
COACHES RELAY: This year we will continue the coaches relay that will be running with the HS girls. Depending
on the number of coaches interested in participating, we will make teams of 4 coaches, and each coach will
run the 1.5 loop once. This will let our athletes know that we are willing to push ourselves and have some fun
as well. Please let me know if you and your coaches are interested in participating in this relay as well.