Pedro Nasta trains for success & victorious senior year

Rising senior Pedro Nasta, 15:36 5k runner & 4:16 miler, speaks about his summer training and gearing up for cross country season, as well as past challenges and future goals.

How did you first get started in running?

Nasta: I got started running the summer of seventh grade in order to get fit for soccer, but fell in love with running instead.

What kind of mileage and summer training have you been putting in over the last few months?

Nasta: This summer I have been running around 50 to 60 miles a week and attended a high altitude running camp in the Rockies: Team Prep Rocky Mountain XC camp. I've been hitting the core pretty hard and trying to stay hydrated in this heat.

What do you consider to be your greatest strength as a runner and the area you would most like to improve upon?

Nasta: My greatest strength as a runner is that I run smart, unfortunately that can also be a weakness for I tend to be too conservative at times. My goal this year is to just go for it.

You run for John Cooper, a private school in the Southern Preparatory Conference. Do you wish you could compete at the state-level against other highly ranked competitors?

Nasta: I do wish I could run 5A state with the big dogs, however I love my coach and teammates and would not change them for the world.

Talk a bit about last year's Nike South race. Do you hope to qualify for NXN your senior year?

Nasta: At last year’s Nike South invitational I blew up completely, however, I harnessed that negative experience and used it to fuel the rest of my season. For NXR I was in the race through the mile however a training injury forced me to stop. This year will be different, I'm a man on a mission.

What are your top goals for the upcoming cross country season?

Nasta: This season the biggest goal is to stay healthy. Time wise I would like to get into the low 15's, win most of my races, win SPC (Southern Preparatory Conference) and make Nike Nationals.

What are your plans for college?

Nasta: For college I would like to run at a division 1 program that has the right balance between academics and athletics.