Abby Guidry battles her way to the top

Rising junior Abby Guidry, 18:23 5k runner & 5:01 miler, looks to medal at state meet and qualify for NXN. Guidry hopes to redeem herself from a disappointing end to track season due to illness

Q&A with Kingwood High School rising junior Abby Guidry

How did you first get started in running?

Guidry: Several things led me to become a distance runner. Beginning in elementary school, I took an interest in distance because I really enjoyed running around the track in P.E. and I hoped to continue running once I reached middle school. In middle school, I trained for a half marathon with my dad and took part in both the track and cross country programs, and I was hooked.

What kind of mileage and summer training have you been putting in over the last few months

GuidryI have been running between 45 and 50 miles a week this summer and I have been doing some cross training, such as swimming and biking. 

What are your top goals for the upcoming cross country season?

Guidry: I would say my biggest goals for this upcoming season are to help my team return to the podium at the Texas State Championships, and to qualify as a team for Nike Cross Nationals. I also want to grow as a competitor so that I can achieve these goals alongside my team and work as hard as I can to contribute as much as possible. 

What would you consider as your greatest strength as a runner and the area that you would like to most improve upon?

Guidry: I would most like to improve on my speed at the end of races and during surges. I feel that I perform better in longer distance races so distance is probably my greatest strength as a runner. 

What would you pick was your top running achievement so far and why?

Guidry: I would say that Kingwood's 2nd place finish at the 2012 State Meet is probably my top running achievement, because my whole team was set on medaling all season and achieving that goal was incredibly rewarding. Realizing that all our hard work had truly paid off was one of the greatest feelings in the world. 

What was the toughest or best workout that you have ever completed?

Guidry: The toughest (and best) workout that I have ever completed is called Owen Anderson and it is a series of strength workouts in between runs on the track, followed by a fast paced mile at the end, two times. My team does this workout a few times each year, but one time in particular it felt like my strongest and best workout yet. 

You were just one spot away from medaling at the XC State Championships. What would it mean to you to make the top 10 in the state?

Guidry: Finishing 11th was definitely disappointing because my goal all season was to finish in the top 10, however it drove me to work even harder so I can perform better this upcoming season, and my senior year as well. Finishing in the top 10 would definitely be exciting and I hope to achieve that this year. 

Did you have any setbacks or disappointments your sophomore year, and if so what did you learn from them?

Guidry: I got sick before the Regional Track Meet this year, and I knew I would have to be at my best to qualify for the State Meet. Although I was one spot away from qualifying, I learned that things will happen that are out of my control and I just need to remain optimistic, move on, and set new goals for the future. 

Kingwood is a phenomenal team, how do your teammates and your coach influence your running?

Guidry: Running alongside such awesome athletes these past two years has been incredibly motivational. Seeing others succeed around me keeps me striving for new goals and has shown me that anything is possible. I also put a lot of trust in my coach and have been very fortunate to be on her team considering her past successes. 

What's the best running advice you've ever gotten?

Guidry: The best running advice I've ever gotten is that recovery is incredibly important. Making sure I get enough sleep and eating enough after my runs are crucial factors that contribute to my recovery and overall performance as a runner. Without the proper recovery, workouts could start to break me down rather than make me stronger, so it's important that I take it into account at all times.

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