Ranking The Best Races From This Weekend: Down To The Wire Races

10. DeSoto's Quivell Jordan and Zachary Johnson of Conroe Oakridge run side by side until the final hurdle creates some space.

It's always one of the last races of every meet and it's one of the hardest races. The 300H require speed, strength, and technique as Jordan and Johnson exhibit in this race. Watch as these two are barely separated as the last hurdle provided the space Jordan needed for the win.

Lancaster Meet of Champions Boys 300H

9. Lancaster teammates Jayla Hollis and Kyla Glenn take their practice battles to the track meet. 

Watch as Glenn gets a great start and Hollis joins the party. These two were out front together on their home track. They led five girls under 14.15 on their way to all conditions U.S. #1 and U.S. #4.

Lancaster Meet of Champions Girls 100H

8. Karla Resendez of Laredo United South and Ellese Trevino of Laredo Alexander out last the rest of the field down the stretch to the finish line...the entire field 

Have you ever watched a professional race on tv when the runners just sit and kick and see who can out kick everyone else? In those races runners run an even pace and one person makes a move forcing everyone else react and then it's on from there. Well, that is exactly what happened in the Eagle Pass Varsity Girls 800m. Watch as these girls have to kick all the way to the line to ensure themselves of the win.

Eagle Pass Varsity Girls 800m

7. Eagle Pass boys holds on as Laredo Martin makes a hard push for the victory in the boys 4x100.

The 4x100 relay is supposed to be short and exciting. The shorter the race is the better it is supposed to be. There are so many technical aspects and shared responsibilities when it comes to this race that one person can help make or single handedly break things.

This race came down to tenths of a seconds throughout the entire race. First and second place was only separated by one hudredths of a second. Watch as Eagle Pass narrowly tops Laredo Martin.

Eagle Pass ISD Relays Boys 4x100

6. The sophomore class of 400m runners is strong.

DeSoto's Kevin Modesto and Conroe Oakridge's Nathaniel McRae are both sophomores and they are both very good 400m runners. These guys look to be the future for Texas quarter milers. Watch as they both run 48 lows and only separated by two hundredths of a second as they lead five guys under 50.0.

Lancaster Meet of Champions Boys 400m

5. Eagle Pass sophomore Shanya Luna is the kick queen of this 1600m field.

Throughout this 1600m race the girls were packed up just like they were in the girls 800m race at the Eagle Pass ISD Relays. There was a pack of six girls all the way down to the 100m mark and then the kicks were unleashed. Watch as the top six girls were only separated by only one second.

Eagle Pass Varsity Girls 1600m

4. Aldine Davis and Aldine Eisenhower reignite their district rival.

At the final exchange, Eisenhower had a small lead. Davis had a slight handoff mishap, but clearly didn't affect the anchor leg carry. You can tell Eisenhower had a lead when the anchor leg hit the straightaway and it appeared they were on their way to W. However, the Davis anchor had other plans. You can see her run the final straightaway with urgency and she pulls off come from behind victory.

Aldine Donaldson Girls 4x200

3. DeSoto, Lancaster, and Conroe Oakridge all run elite times in the boys 4x100, but this season you almost have to run 40.x to ensure a win at any big meet.

DeSoto rolls a 40.86  for a U.S. #3 ranking. However, it doesn't happen without a serious push. Lancaster and Conroe Oakridge were right there on DeSoto's hip as Lancaster runs 41.04 for a U.S. #7 and Oakridge hits U.S. #12 with their 41.22.

Lancaster Meet of Champions Boys 4x100

2. Aldine Davis and Aldine Eisenhower 4x100s are separated by a hair. 

Photo finish was created for races like these. These two teams are clearly evenly matched and this race is the proof. The anchor legs came barreling down the straightaway almost neck to neck. Eisenhower had a slight lead and ran through the line like you're taught to do. The Davis anchor still made a mad dash to the finish line of her own. Watch as these two squads run to the top of the U.S. rankings. I'm not sure what happened to Davis in the results as they show Eisenhower won the race and now has a U.S. #3 45.95

Aldine Donaldson Girls 4x200

1. Katy was at their home meet right before the beginning of spring break. The only thing left to do was to run and win the 4x400.

However, Alief Elsik had their own objective. Elsik had won the 4x100 and the 4x200, so they had to be thinking about taking the 4x400 too. Both teams were going head to head in an all out battle and the winner wasn't decided until the end.

Katy Home of Champions Girls 4x400