POLL: Who Had The Best Week 2 Pre-Race Shenanigans

In week 1 of the season, Austin Vandergrift paraded through the Vista Ridge course

Last week, we caught Austin Vandergrift jamming out to Miley Cyrus on the cross country course. We just attributed it to them being excited to finally start their season and to celebrate the excellent efforts of several of their teams.

However, this week we saw several teams with spirited pre race rituals, celebrations, and even singing their school fight songs.

VOTE to show who you think had the better performance of week 2 and.....who will we catch in week 3?

First up are the ladies from Sanger. Their pre-race shenanigans were....different. Let's just say they liked the DJ at the Marcus I Invitational. The Sanger ladies were in the last race of the day and when they finally got the chance to run, they ran very well as did the other ladies in the race as temperatures weren't the best for a distance run. However, they didn't let that deter their spirits and the other teams didn't have better ways to get hype for the race as Sanger. Watch as the ladies from Sanger show their moves.

Next up is Flower Mound. Last week, we noticed their demonstrative encouragement prior to the JV race. After the varsity runners ran their race and cooled down, they rallied the troops to get the JV team hype before their race. You can see the varsity guys lighting the fire in the hearts of their JV team. Before it was said and done, they sang the fight song and heck, they even had me ready to run.

The final show of pre-race shenanigans is more solidarity and a demonstration of the kids enjoying being a part of the program and the team. The demonstration comes from the ladies of Highland Park. Prior to the race, the Scots circled up and demonstrated their team solidarity. It was pretty neat to see and I'd like to think that this type of team concept is alive and well all throughout the running community. Check out Highland Park's pre-race demonstration and their team execution.