Workout Wednesday: Prosper Pace Interval Workout

We caught up with the team from Prosper before championship season started to get a taste of what their workouts are like. Each runner has their own individual plan and workout for the day. The runners we focused on for the day were doing a pace interval workout. Prosper's lead runner, senior Abby Williams ran 300's while the majority of the team did 200's. The training is all based on how the runners are progressing throughout the season, some will run more and some will run less based on day to day performance. Watch the full workout above and check out the full interviews with Coach Grennier, Abby Williams and Sam Rizzo below. 

16x200 - 30-34
10x300 - 48-53

16x200 - 33-38
10x300 - 51-55

**Note exact paces in the video are only estimations based on the range the team was given to run**

Coach Grennier Before The Workout 

Coach Grennier Post The Workout 

Abby Williams Prosper Senior Post Workout

Sam Rizzo Prosper Senior Post Workout