5 Quick Take A Ways From The Montgomery Moonlight Madness Inv.

Rahmaan and Wilson Are Good

Ok, so this is not breaking news, but NXN individual qualifier Halena Rahmaan and her All-State teammate Allison Wilson could easily be overlooked or forgot about. They come, run, and go home. They're the type of girls who you will never know are at the meet until their damage on the race is done and then they're gone. Like a lot of Southeast Texas runners, this weekend was their first race and they sent a reminder to the state that they are still here and they can still run.

Rahmaan and Wilson went 1-2 at the Moonlight Madness Invitational with their 18:10.78 and 18:50.56 performances. With Hannah Rahmaan, the sister of Halena taking fourth place, Montgomery clearly has something cooking with a tough 1-2-3 punch. If Montgomery gets two more consistent quality performances from some of the other girls they could be a real threat to Region II competitors.