JaEra Griffin is BAAACK!!!!

JaEra Griffin runs a U.S. #1 400m time as a 7th grader

Two years ago, JaEra Griffin put the Texas A&M High School Indoor Classic in a whirlwind when she ran 24.68 and at the time a U.S. #1 55.79. Very good time, eh? Well, she was just in the 7th grade!

Griffin carried the third fastest time in the 200m and the fastest time in the 400m going into the finals as a 13 year old.

Griffin would not get the opportunity to run in the finals of either race because of her age. The rules at the Texas A&M High School Indoor Classic stated that athletes had to be in high school to compete. She was eventually disqualified and unable to compete.

This year, Griffin is in the 9th grade and she returns with her North Texas Cheetahs Track Club (NTC Elite) teammates to give things a shot. She is entered in the 200m and will attempt to make the finals again three years later.