El Paso's Ethan Delgado Talks Signing With Georgetown Univ.

Ethan Delgado alongside Michael Abeyta set tone for mid distance early in season
by Suhail Boureslan

Ethan Delgado is a senior from El Paso's El Dorado. He's been involved in most of the city's highlights when it comes to the mid distance scene. Despite falling very ill mid season, which saw Delgado hospitalized, he managed to finish 4th in the 800m at the UIL 6A - District 1-2 Area Meet and went on to compete against the very best at the Region 1-6A Meet in Arlington. He will be joining some of the nation's best mid distance runners when he starts his 4 year journey at Georgetown University in the fall. Georgetown is known to have a very impressive mid distance program under the great direction of Coach Brandon Bonsey. Hear what Ethan had to say about this whole process.

TX MS - You announced earlier in the year that you're committed to Georgetown University. How excited are you, and why did you finally decide that you wanted to become a Hoya?

Ethan Delgado - I am very excited to attend Georgetown University. It seems very surreal to me and I'm very grateful for Coach Bonsey and all of the staff for believing in me and giving me such a wonderful opportunity. What made me decide that Georgetown was the school for me was the wonderful campus and track and field program. They have one of the best schools in the country, and in my opinion, the best young middle distance group in the nation. I feel like Georgetown will bring nothing but success to me in the future and I'm very humbled and blessed that I am able to call myself a Hoya.

Ethan Delgado leads the pack at the UIL 6A - District 1-2 Area Meet

TX MS - You've had such an impressive senior Track season and now it's finally come to an end. What have you learned at El Dorado that you feel will help you achieve great success at Georgetown?

Ethan Delgado - My senior season was full of bittersweet moments. What I've learned at El dorado high school is that you shouldn't  dwell on the past when you fail, but pick yourself up and stay focused on the future. Coming to the end of my senior year, the week before district I ended up getting really sick, and I didn't want to stop running so I gutted my way through it but it ended up costing me in the long run where I didn't perform well at Regionals. My coach talked to me and told me that I shouldn't lose confidence in myself and focus on getting mentally prepared to compete for a NCAA division 1 school where there's so much competition. I'm a big believer in "everything happens for a reason" so as of right now I am focused on getting mentally stronger and I hope to make a big impact at Georgetown next year.

TX MS - Have you had a chance to talk to your coach and if so what excites you the most being able to train under Coach Bonsey? Coach Bonsey, for those who don't know was named head coach of their Cross Country program back in 2016 and has had a lot of success both in that and Track as their assistant coach working specifically with the mid distance and distance runners.

Ethan Delgado - I talk to Coach Bonsey whenever he is not busy because right now they are in season so he can be pretty busy at times, but I have to say that he is one of the main reasons why I chose Georgetown University. I am excited to be coached by him because he takes so much time in helping his athletes not only become better runners but better people, and I believe that by training with Coach Bonsey I can take my running to an elite level.

Delgado(far left), in the 800m against the best in Texas at the Region 1-6A Meet in Arlington

TX MS - What are some similarities between El Dorado's and Georgetown University's program that told you, "I have to run here!"

Ethan Delgado - I would say that Georgetown and El Dorado are similar in which they want their athletes to succeed to the best of their abilities, and at El Dorado I learned that when I decided to choose a college it didn't have to be only because it's a "D1" school, but because of education, the running program and coaching staff.

TX MS - What are some of your goals that you hope to accomplish in your collegiate career?

Ethan Delgado - In my collegiate career I hope to run 1:46 or faster in the 800m and I believe that I can achieve that goal because with hard work nothing is impossible and I am confident that I will achieve that goal.

TX MS - El Paso is starting to get more recognition as we're starting to see a lot of athletes sign with Division 1 schools. What advice would you give upcoming athletes that want to continue their running careers in college?

Ethan Delgado - I have to say that I am very happy that El Paso has been getting recognized. There are so many talented athletes that deserve to be recognized. For all of the athletes deciding to run in college my best advice would be to follow your heart. You shouldn't choose a school because your parents, friends or coaches want you too. You have to decide the school because you feel like it'll be good for you. Also think about if that's where you would feel comfortable living for four years.

More advice I would give to upcoming athletes would be that you have to be very dedicated and very self disciplined to compete in the next level. It's very easy to choose the wrong path and get your scholarship taken away. You have to stay focused and remember that it's a privilege to be running in college and not many people get that opportunity. For all of those who feel like they have no chance of running in college because they haven't been running the times that colleges look for, my advice to you would be that you have to stay focused and work 10 times as hard. Nothing is impossible. All you have to do is believe in yourself. I've been in that position. From running JV as a freshman to being able to run for Georgetown as a freshman in college, I have to say that a big part of that jump was believing in myself and being dedicated and working hard. You have to believe in yourself when nobody else does.