Cale Kassen The Texas Star On The Rise To The National Level

If I ask what you think about Cale Kassen, you'll probably respond -- Who?

I'll tell you the track kid from Valley View, and you'll probably respond -- From where?

Valley View, Texas is a town and UIL 2A school just north of Dallas and they have a rich history in cross country and distance running. In fact, their usual hotel and dining spots in the Austin area where they frequently patron during the state cross country state meet weekend probably already have reservations locked in for them every November. That's just how perennial they are.

They often display their distance dominance at the state track meet as well. For example, Sydney Reynolds (who was the 2017 girls XC champ) was second in the girls 1600m and third in the 3200m a few weeks ago at the state meet.

Then they they took three of the six medals awarded between the boys 1600m and 3200m with the performances by distance runners Houston Tipps and Luis Cardiel.

However, this isn't bout their distance runners because Kassen brings even more star power to Valley View and this guy should be making waves throughout the state of Texas and beyond.

The aforementioned Kassen had a big time 2018 UIL 2A state track and field meet teaming up with Tipps and Cardiel to earn 56 total points and a second place team finish.

Thirty of those points came from Kassen's long weekend as he won three individual events. Not only did he win three events, but he did it with some spectacular performances.

He qualified for the state meet in the high jump, 110H, and the 300H with his 7-0, 14.17, and 38.25 performances from the Region 2-2A meet.

At the state meet, he improved on two of the three performances putting him in elite company in three events. In Austin, he jumped 6-10 for the win, but he ran a 13.91 in the 110H and 37.10 in the 300H.

The improvements over the last two weeks of the season not only earned him three gold medals, but also contributed 30 points to the Valley View boys 56 overall score. Those 56 points were good enough for them to take a second place trophy back home to go with all of their cross country trophies.

It also paid big dividends for Kassen individually. The 7-0 jump from the Region 2-2A meet now has him ranked #9 in the nation, the 37.10 has him ranked #10 in the 300h, and the 1391 has him ranked #29 in the nation.

It is unknown if Kassen will run any national post season meets this season, but you can be sure the soon to be senior will be setting up college visits real soon. He will also be one of the top returners nation wide in three events.