Bryce Foster Breaks 18 Year Old Shot Put Record For AAU Win

The boys 15-16 year old shot put record was set in 2000 by Michael D'Andrea of Avon Lake, Ohio, but it stands no more thanks to a big throw today by Bryce Foster.

Foster who competes in both football and track and field at Katy Taylor High School was only the second best thrower on his high school team this past season. The freshman was teammates with fellow two sport star and current UCLA freshman Otito Ogbonnia who had Texas' best throw of 66' 1".

Now that Ogbonnia is gone, the stage would have been set for Foster to step into, but today, he kicked to door to the stage down with a 64' 00.5" record setting throw. Not only is he now the best thrower in the school, but he is the best AAU 15-16 year old shot putter of all-time. The previous record was set before he was even born, but it now belongs to him. 

The All American Throwers Club thrower pulled two a day workouts with football and AAU practice both going on daily, "The training that came into this was insane, I worked every single day, football practice in the morning and at night I'd go to my high school and train every day," Foster said.

The training that came into this was insane, I worked every single day.

- Bryce Foster 

Foster isn't just a work out stud who got lucky today. He is a student of his craft and knows his history. "I know Michael Carter threw 81 feet and which is ridiculous. He threw that after his senior high school season, so the actual record is actually 79 something."

"I want to be the next big guy to go through Texas, but my number one aim is to be number one in the country."

I'd say, he is off to a good start!