BOLD NXN Qualifying Predictions From NXR South Regional

Championship Girls Top 5 Teams

1. Flower Mound - 173 points

2. Southlake Carroll -  192 points

3. Coppell - 195 points

4. Prosper - 199 points

5. San Antonio FEAST - 230 points

It's kind of hard to go against the Flower Mound girls, so I won't. They have been as steady as a surgeon especially in the biggest meets against the best competition. 

That leaves the rest of the top teams to fight for one position. With respect to history, I have to give due respect the the Carroll girls. They have qualified for 12 of the 14 contended NXN meets and they are good enough to make it again. Based on the last three NXR South races, they'll run tight enough to get the job done. Plus, they have Sofia Santamaria who has been on the last two Carroll NXN teams.

Any slight fall off by the top five from FM and SLC, then Coppell and Prosper can easily grab spots.

Individually, London Culbreath should dominate. Brown could help push the to a hard early pace, but in the end the strong finishers should prevail. Coffee is for closers and Hillyard should have her own brand with the way she finishes off races.

The rest of the top 15 runners should come down to whoever has the best fitness at this time of the year.

Championship Girls Top 20 Individuals

1. London Culbreath

2. Ashlyn Hillyard

3. Brynn Brown

4. Heidi Nielson

5. Allison Wilson

6. Emma Heslop

7. Ava Peeples

8. Colleen Stegmann

9. Aubrey O'Connell

10. Natalie Cook

11. Jordan Mathis

12.  Sophie Atkinson

13. Anastaysia Davis

14. Halena Rahmaan

15. Maddie Hatfield

16. Grace Custer

17. Sadie Carey

18. Grace White

19. Aaliya Fazel

20. Audrey Witham