MileSplit TX XC Inv.: Five 'Different' Things To Watch For

The inaugural MileSplit TX Invitational hosted by Denton Guyer won't be your typical cross country meet. Yes, it will have some running and plenty of it, but there will be much more to it than that.

We will have a mix of usual cross country features with some unusual features for a cross country meet and then we'll add some Texas culture fused together to create the MileSplit Invitation.

Here are the five things you need to be on the look out for this weekend.

1. National Anthem To Be Sung By A Broadway Performer

photo credit: Marc J. Franklin

The national anthem sounds like a simple thing to get excited about, right? Well, other than being very patriotic time as usual, this anthem will be different.

It won't be a taped version of the original nor will it be sung by just anybody. We will have a rendition performed by an accomplished member of the Denton Guyer student body who has performed on Broadway.

Senior, Haley Dortch is a member of the theatre arts program at Guyer who has accomplished so much in her years in the program. Dortch is also a 2019 Jimmy Award nominee for her part in the Broadway play, Sister Act.

2. Denton Guyer High School Marching Band

For the past two years, the Guyer band has been in attendance at the meet. They've been playing some tunes and and jamming out as they provide excitement and encouragement to the runners. They'll be back once again this year.

There will be energy like none other on Saturday and you'll think it's still Friday night from the moment you walk up to the park.

3. Radar Gun

Have you ever been caught speeding? Have you ever been clocked throwing a baseball or softball?

Well, we are going to use a radar gun for an entirely different reason this weekend. We will be clocking the runners as they come down the stretch to see how fast they are actually going. We will have readings up on a display board for bragging rights and we'll learn who the speed demons really are this weekend. 

4. A DJ On The 1s And 2s To Rock The Park

While we won't have DJ Kid Capri or DJ Khaled, we will have a DJ. If the Denton High School band isn't enough, we will have more music to make sure your auditory pleasures are fulfilled. South Lakes Park will be rocking all morning long. Feel free to bust a move and cut a rug, just don't miss your race!

5. Food Trucks

What is a Texas gathering like now a days without food trucks? We won't find out this weekend that's for sure. Since we will have good running and good entertainment, why not have plenty of good food? This will is like a perfect microcosm of Texas culture and cross country merged together for one event.