Brynn Brown's Dietary Preparation For MileSplit XC Inv.

Brynn Brown is Texas' No 1 ranked 5K runner, so far in the 2019 season. She opened up last weekend with a 17:17 SB at Southlake, which is the seventh best time nationally.

This weekend, she will compete in the MileSplit TX Invitational, in fact, her school, Denton Guyer is the hosting the event.

While it would be interesting to get a sneak peak into Brown's practice preparation to the season and to this weekend's big meet, we don't have that privileged insight. However, we do know how her dietary preparation has gone this week.

Brown is an avid cook and is huge on taking advantage of and using her diet to improve as an athlete. Her instagram account intuitioninthakitchen chronicles her meals, menus, ingredients and recipes.

Check out Brown's recent posts and meals leading up to this weekend's big race at the MileSplit TX Invitational. It's a good follow for running purposes of course, and especially if you're a foodie!