Coaches Corner: Grapevine HC Rick Miller

Grapevine is one of Texas' programs with a deep culture and success in cross country. The DFW area school has qualified one of either the girls or boys team to the state meet since 2013 and qualified both teams to the state meet every year except one since 2014 taking home four trophies in that timeframe.

To accomplish that much, there has to be a positive and consistent culture and teaching of success. Head Coach Rick Miller has been heading up the ship on both sides along with his trusty group of assistants.

Check out our discussion with Coach Miller as he discusses how they handle transition this season.

Coach Miller Discussion Points:

0:16 - Culture and work ethic - Attitude, effort, and progression

1:06 - Integrating high impact freshman with upperclassmen

1:33 - How to establish mileage workload on freshmen

2:07 - When to have freshmen run on varsity

2:26 - Consistency

3:12 - Correlating teaching cross country to real life