Lovejoy Steeple And Texas Express Pole Vault Recap/Highlight

An athlete gets a practice rep in at the water jump at the 2020 Lovejoy All-American Steeplechase Clinic

Lovejoy did it again. They put on one of the season's first indoor track and field meets (pole vault) of the season along with their annual steeplechase clinic.

Their combination with the Texas Express Pole Vault Club for the Lovejoy Texas Express Holiday Invitational, annually gives the pole vault athletes and clubs in the state as well competitors across the country a chance to compete early and take their training from the practice level to competition level.

Their Lovejoy All-American Steeple Clinic has continued to grow and evolve over the past couple of years. The clinic brings in both successful and competent athletes and coaches to mentor and introduce young high school athletes and coaches to the event.

The pole vault and the steeplechase are two events that Americans are performing well in on the international stage, medaling in both the World Championship and Olympic events.

Below are highlights from both the pole vault meet and the steeplechase clinic along with an interview with the presenters and coaches for the 2020 Lovejoy All-American Steeplechase Clinic.

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Texas Express Holiday Invitational Highlight

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Lovejoy Texas Express Holiday Invitational


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Lovejoy All-American Steeple Clinic Highlight

This year's presenters have the resume and the passion to help carry the torch onto the youth. The competency level and the ability to teach and demonstrate is a luxury of the Lovejoy All-American Steeplechase Clinic.

The three presenters for the 2020 clinic were:
Colorado graduate
Colorado Asst. Coach
NCAA All-American
Team USA Olympian
Kansas graduate
NCAA All-American
Olympic Trials Qualifier
NIKE Running Coach
Colorado graduate
NCAA Champion
NCAA All-American

- Discussion Points -  

0:01 - Rebeka Stowe intro and bio info

0:28 - Blake Theroux intro an bio info

1:21 - Billy Nelson intro and bio info

2:23 - How Nelson, Theroux, and Stowe got involved with the Lovejoy Steeplechase Clinic

3:20 - Theroux's introductory message to high school runners about the steeplechase event

4:49 - Stowe on coaching the event and changing the trajectory of young athletes through steeplechase

6:34 - Stowe on how young athletes process the clinic info and training

7:47 - Theroux on what makes a good steeplechase runner

9:44 - Nelson on recruiting or transitioning a distance runner to steeplechase