Kyla Kane And Sundown Girls Make It Back To The Top In 2A

It's hard to get to the top and it's even harder to stay there. Kyla Kane from Wellington got there early on in her career when she won the 2A state championship as a freshman. 

However, last year, the competition level was raised and even though she ran faster in her sophomore season than when when she won the previous year, she still only finished second. However, the two sport star is hard to rattle and shake when it comes to the mental side of athletics. Kane also doubles as a basketball star; she is used to winning and with the possibility of losing the next game or games.

So, while a runner-up finish wasn't a smooth taste in the mouth of such a competitive runner, Kane didn't get too razzle dazzled about not getting the win. All she did was regroup and gather herself to make a push again for the 2020 season. She ran her way back to the top of the awards podium when she finished first again this junior season.

Sundown was in much of the same situation as Kane. They rattled off over four consecutive 2A state girls titles before a two year drought. Tuesday, was marked the end of the 2020 season where they were in a full season operation of winning another state championship, and they did.

With a 19 point win over Gruver, last year's state champions proved Sundown was back at the top of their game.

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