Results HUB: UIL Area Championship

Clear Creek senior Olivia Lueking won the pole vault and 300 hurdles at the UIL District 23-24 6A Area Championships

We know what you want . . . RESULTS! And what's more irritating than looking all over for them. We will try to bring you as many Area Championship results as possible.

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1-2 Area1-2 Area1-2 Area1-2 Area1-2 Area1-2 Area
3-4 Area3-4 Area3-4 Area3-4 Area3-4 Area3-4 Area
5-6 Area5-6 Area5-6 Area5-6 Area5-6 Area5-6 Area
7-8 Area7-8 Area7-8 Area7-8 Area7-8 Area7-8 Area
9-10 Area9-10 Area9-10 Area9-10 Area9-10 Area9-10 Area
11-12 Area11-12 Area11-12 Area11-12 Area11-12 Area11-12 Area
13-14 Area13-14 Area13-14 Area13-14 Area13-14 Area13-14 Area
15-16 Area15-16 Area15-16 Area15-16 Area15-16 Area15-16 Area
17-18 Area17-18 Area17-18 Area17-18 Area17-18 Area17-18 Area
19-20 Area19-20 Area19-20 Area19-20 Area19-20 Area19-20 Area
21-22 Area21-22 Area21-22 Area21-22 Area21-22 Area21-22 Area
23-24 Area23-24 Area23-24 Area23-24 Area23-24 Area23-24 Area
25-26 Area25-26 Area25-26 Area25-26 Area25-26 Area25-26 Area
27-28 Area27-28 Area27-28 Area27-28 Area27-28 Area27-28 Area
29-30 Area29-30 Area29-30 Area29-30 Area29-30 Area29-30 Area
31-32 Area31-32 Area31-32 Area31-32 Area31-32 Area31-32 Area