Region 2-2A Boys Could Be State Meet Preview

Port Aransas is the returning UIL 2A boys team state champion from the 2020 season. They will have begun to mount a defense of last years title and they'll take the next step next week in Corpus Christi.

Many teams are going to try to dethrone them in Corpus Christi and Round Rock and some of those teams with a good chance of doing so are in Region 2-2A.

The region is loaded and before they can think about taking on Port Aransas, they will have to deal with one another coming up Monday, October 25, 2021.

The region is packed with quality teams including the team runners-up Poolville and the fourth place team from last year Hamilton.

Poolville heads into the regional championships with the best team combined 5,000m average /split in all of 2A with their 17:32 and their 29 second split. Hamilton has been impressive all season long and their 17:26 team average is proof of it.

Those two teams rank No. 1 and No. 2 in the state in terms of average and total team time, but the third ranked team Quanah is also in Region 2-2A making things even more interesting when Monday comes with the CCCAT No 1, No.2, and No.3 ranked squads.

With the top three statistical teams in the state all in one region, you'd think that would be where the drama ends, right? Not so much; there are more quality teams in the region who will be running for the state meet qualifying spots.

AlvordItasca, Hawley, and Tioga are all quality teams and are statistically in the 2A rankings. They will not only be running for the last qualifying spot, but they'll be opportunistically running for more. Alvord is the 11th ranked team statistically in 2A with a 18:42 team average, Itasca is 12th with a 18:50 team average, and Hawley (19:15) and Tioga (18:50) are 17th and 18th statistically.

All four teams are in the hunt for the possible open position, but they have quality chances of out performing the fourth qualifying position.

Monday will be quite the race in the 2-2A region.

1Hamilton (TX)69
1) Dawson Melde16:35.153
2) Caleb Lengefeld17:10.608
3) Cuyler Pearcy17:38.2414
4) Caden Hopper17:43.7217
5) Joseph Polster18:04.6127
Average Time: 17:26.46 Total Time: 1:27:12.32 1-5 Split: 1:29.46
6) Hayden Blackwell18:11.7430
7) John Polster18:19.6833
2Poolville (TX)71
1) Aiden Mansell17:17.409
2) Eli Lang17:22.8012
3) Levi Ramirez17:34.4913
4) Dylan Tovar17:40.4516
5) Hunter Gober17:46.7321
Average Time: 17:32.37 Total Time: 1:27:41.87 1-5 Split: 29.33
6) Cash Morales19:38.3859
7) Bobby Elliott21:25.01101
3Quanah (TX)130
1) Jerry Martinez17:05.186
2) Dwight Don Juan17:21.6610
3) Anish Bhakta17:49.8822
4) Justin Frankum18:36.0840
5) Adam Hope19:24.2252
Average Time: 18:03.40 Total Time: 1:30:17.02 1-5 Split: 2:19.04
6) Braydon Garcia20:11.3072
7) Jason Kaufmann21:12.5096
4Alvord (TX)201
1) Austin Souther17:06.207
2) Camron Seiter17:44.0018
3) Rowdy Bowler17:53.1024
4) Miles Carmack20:10.1071
5) Carson Gray20:40.8081
Average Time: 18:42.84 Total Time: 1:33:34.20 1-5 Split: 3:34.60
6) Jack Masten20:52.5587
7) Leander Lovelace22:06.70115
5McLeod (TX)202
1) Dylan Bouchard18:12.8031
2) Logan McLain18:13.2032
3) Jonathon McKnight18:40.5042
4) Mason Teer19:08.2047
5) Tj Klingensmith19:15.8050
Average Time: 18:42.10 Total Time: 1:33:30.50 1-5 Split: 1:03.00
6) Braden Patrick19:46.3064
7) Henry Teer20:20.1076
6Itasca (TX)217
1) Tomas Castillo16:50.494
2) Parker Dugan17:45.0819
3) Jesus Castillo19:19.0051
4) Israel Garcia19:51.3065
5) Michael Flores20:26.9678
Average Time: 18:50.57 Total Time: 1:34:12.83 1-5 Split: 3:36.47
6) Joe Gutierrez20:58.3191
7) Roy Perales23:38.13139
7Tioga (TX)240
1) Lonnie Cooper16:02.702
2) Chris Stanley17:56.2025
3) Jakob Geletko18:35.0039
4) Carlos Vega20:19.8075
5) Cameron Byler21:16.9099
Average Time: 18:50.12 Total Time: 1:34:10.60 1-5 Split: 5:14.20
6) Dallin Kearns22:08.10116
8Hawley High School (TX)262
1) Francis Patanpatan18:38.8041
2) Karl Patanpatan18:41.0043
3) Tristan Comer18:55.9046
4) B Patanpatan19:14.0049
5) Nowlen Davis20:45.5083
Average Time: 19:15.04 Total Time: 1:36:15.20 1-5 Split: 2:06.70
6) Myka Katz24:54.10151
7) Brodie Stallings24:55.00152
9Como-Pickton (TX)263
1) Giovanni Munoz17:38.2915
2) Kasey Neal18:31.7036
3) Karston Moore19:33.2057
4) Koalton Burkhart20:15.9073
5) Jared Satterfield20:41.6682
Average Time: 19:20.15 Total Time: 1:36:40.75 1-5 Split: 3:03.37
6) Johnathan Stokley25:22.10159
10Hico (TX)266
1) Christopher Jimenez17:50.0123
2) Tucker Booth18:23.2334
3) Buck Powell18:43.1544
4) Lewis Wenzel20:31.4980
5) Triston Flinn20:49.9085
Average Time: 19:15.56 Total Time: 1:36:17.78 1-5 Split: 2:59.89
6) David Villalpando21:13.7797
7) Neftali Lopez22:42.93125